À Table with Sarah + Bernard Opening May 2023 in the Marketplace

A new culinary adventure is in underway for Sarah and Bernard Bouissou, former owners of Bernard's and Sarah's Wine Bar!

A new sign in the window at 109 Danbury Road says "À Table with Sarah + Bernard Opening May 2023".  

À Table (pronounced “Ah TAH-bluh”) will be home to acclaimed dishes from Bernard’s & Sarah’s Wine Bar artfully prepared to heat up in the comfort of your home. In addition to the gourmet prepared dishes, À Table will offer Rotisserie and Pâtisserie.

À Table at S+B Catering (formally Sarah Bouissou Catering) is presently booking events for June! Click here for more information on catering and visit À Table's website https://www.atableus.com/

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And... the name? 

À Table (pronounced “Ah TAH-bluh”) is a French phrase that translates to "at the table" in English. In French culture, gathering around the table to share a meal with family and friends is a cherished tradition. It represents more than just satisfying hunger; it's a time for bonding, socializing, and celebrating life's simple pleasures. The phrase À Table encapsulates the idea that food brings people together, fosters connections, and creates lasting memories. It emphasizes the importance of taking time to enjoy a meal and the company of loved ones. At its core, À Table represents the joy and warmth of sharing good food and good company.


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