Longtime Jewelry Maker and Designer Brings CY Collective to Bailey Ave in Ridgefield

Ridgefield artisan Lina Zhang brings her handmade jewelry, artwork, and cultural gifts to Bailey Ave.

Known for decades as Turkey Ridge, this unique location is now home to CY Collective, which features Lina’s curated gifts and her own line of handmade jewelry, as well as a vendor section that displays products from local artisans and even a room used for events and parties.

The store is now open at 1 Bailey Ave. and a Grand Opening event is planned for April 12.

“I wanted to open something that was more than a gift store,” said CY Collective owner Lina Zhang. “When I moved here in 2020, the atmosphere was extremely welcoming, both to families and to businesses. In addition to showcasing my own products, I want to be able to return that favor by offering a space for events and birthday art parties as well as an opportunity for other businesses to show off their unique products as a jumping-off point for their own endeavors.”

The main area of the shop showcases Lina’s own products; flowing wire jewelry with natural gemstones that are an homage to nature, as well as carefully curated items that are of her Eastern heritage.

”In 1999, I moved to New York City from China and lived in Brooklyn,” she said. “I couldn’t speak English, but the New York fashion and style was interesting to me, so I spent time learning English and learning to make and sell jewelry.”

Handmade Jewelry steeped in ancient Asian arts and practices

In the front of the store is Lina's collection of handmade jewelry as well as unique and hard-to-find gifts and artwork. The jewelry is made from 14k gold fill wire, which is resistant to tarnish and features semi-precious stones. There are also affordable precious stone designs that feature ruby and sapphire. Many of the jewelry feature baroque pearls from South China, and Lina is always available to make custom pieces if desired.

Local artisan goods for sale

In the second section of the store is the artisan area, where local businesses can display their products for sale. These range from soaps, clothing, home décor, dishware, gemstones, spiritual gifts, home décor, and more. “The community was so kind to me and always helped my business, so I want to return the favor for anyone who is trying to also get a head start by giving them a space to sell.”

Event space

Finally, there is an event room in the back available for rent for art-themed birthday parties or other events, such as meetings, instructional events and craft nights.

“I’m so happy to finally have a store open in the Cultural District of Ridgefield and I’m excited to see what’s in store for our future here,” said Lina. “If you see our door open feel free to visit, we will probably have something new every time you come in.”

For more information, go to www.cycollective.net


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