One step closer to bare (and spring flowers): Ridgefield landmark loses its plexiglass

While spring wasn't in the air this week, the Cass Gilbert Fountain is getting ready to shed its winter coat! The plexiglass has been removed which means... next will be the cage, exposing its bare beauty!

The Fountain represents the seasonal passage of time and we are lucky here in Ridgefield to have some dedicated volunteers who assure the iconic landmark wears the glorious colors of the seasons! It won't be long before we see local volunteers (aka the Fountain Committee) Mary and Steve Hicks (and friends) planting colorful spring flowers around the perimeter of Ridgefield's architectural masterpiece.

Ridgefield’s landmark fountain was donated to the town in 1916 by renowned architect Cass Gilbert, within sight of his summer home in the historic Keeler Tavern. During his time in Ridgefield, Gilbert designed the 1913 Woolworth Building, for many years the world’s tallest skyscraper, as well as the 1935 Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C.

Did you know? Charles Pankenier, a local historian who passed away a few years back, penned a book about the Fountain, Cass Gilbert Comes Home to the Cannon Ball House. It is available for purchase (ebook) via Barnes & Noble here


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