State Rep John Frey Reminds Residents About Tax Free Week

Tax-Free Week is right around the corner! Each year, Connecticut residents receive a much-needed break from the hefty sales tax we pay for consumer goods like school supplies, clothing, and footwear.  

From Sunday, August 20th, through Saturday, August 26th, shoppers will have the opportunity to purchase select items under $100, TAX-FREE. With the start of school just around the corner, this is a great opportunity for back-to-school shopping for the kids while saving some money for Mom and Dad.  

Tax-Free Week was first enacted in 2000 with legislation that I originally co-sponsored, and applies to most clothing and footwear purchases intended for everyday use, including items put on layaway.   New and used college textbooks are also exempt for students who present a valid college ID at the time of purchase.

The Connecticut sales tax rate is currently 6.35%, and could increase within the year as the budget crisis looms, although I continue to fight such proposals.  

Goods not covered under the program include, but are not limited to: clothing or footwear specifically designed for athletic activities like football cleats and specialty boots for fishing, hiking, skiing and other activities, as well as helmets and headbands. Accessories: jewelry, handbags, luggage, umbrellas, wallets, watches, etc.  

Please consult with your local retailer, or contact the Department of Revenue Services for a full list of qualifying and non-qualifying items.  

As always, you can contact me at (800) 842-1423 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or concerns regarding state government.


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