Ridgefield BOS Meeting Agenda: First Floor Retail Presentation, Horse Ordinance & More!

Town of Ridgefield Board of Selectmen Meeting on Wednesday, October 25 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall (Large Conference Room)


1. Public Comment

2. Economic & Community Development Commission:

  • a. Reappointments: Paul Levine, Arnold Light
  • b. First Floor Retail Presentation

3. Affordable Housing Committee Proposal—Dave Goldenberg

4. C-PACE Proposal—RACE

5. Vendor Permit Renewal: Tivoli Pizza (Junio Filgueira)

6. Horse Ordinance

7. Proposed Wetlands Citation Ordinance; Temporary Housing Structure Opt-Out

8. 501c3 Entities

9. 76 East Ridge T-Mobile Lease Amendment

10. Selectman’s Report

11. Meeting Minutes Approval: 10/11/17