Write In Candidate for Ridgefield P&Z Commission

Local Ridgefield resident Bob Cousins has been accepted by the Secretary of the State of Connecticut for the Nov. 7 general election for Planning and Zoning Commissioner for a 4-year term.

Cousins, a registered Republican, missed the July Caucus, but recent events concerning the Planning and Zoning Commission have provided an incentive for Mr. Cousins to choose this option. 

The Planning and Zoning Commission is deliberately showing that their only interest is to serve businesses and entrepreneurship and not protect residential zones and rights.  They have shown repeated bias and favoritism to all forms of business applications while ridiculing and berating residents who appear for public comments. 

This shameful display of behavior shows that the P&Z Commission in need of a dramatic change of people willing to be open-minded and civil in their discourse and not show any part of their own business interests of cronyism.