Ridgefield Election Decision

Editor's note: this article has been edited for clarity.

The Winners of Tuesday’s Municipal Election in Ridgefield

Dick Moccia will fill the 2-year vacancy on the Board of Finance and Bob Cascella will fill the 2-year vacancy on Planning and Zoning.

Sharon D’Orso will fill one of the 2-year vacancies on Board of Education, and the Democratic majority will vote on who will fill the seat vacated by Carina Borgia-Drake.

In addition, John McNicholas will fill the 2-year vacancy for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate.

Because these candidates have vacated these seats, positions for the full four-year terms will be filled in the order of the number of votes received.

In what Ridgefield Registrar Hope Wise called  “the most confusing election I have ever witnessed”, Ridgefield’s town attorney and the Connecticut Secretary of State have agreed on the procedures that will enable final results for the 2017 election.

In the event a candidate wins two positions in a local election, the Ridgefield town charter allows for winning candidates to vacate one of those winning seats, and take the other. In that event, the runner-up for that seat will take the position.

For Ridgefield’s 2017 election, Amy Macartney-Freidenrich has vacated her 2-year seat on the Board of Finance to take the seat for the full 4-year term. By charter, Dick Moccia, the runner-up for the 2-year seat, will fill that position.

For the Planning and Zoning Commission, Charles Robbins has vacated the seat to fill the two-year vacancy, therefore the runner-up for that seat, Bob Cascella will fill that position, and Charles Robbins will take the seat for the full 4-year term

Carina Borgia-Drake has vacated her seat on the Board of Education, and the existing Board of Education will vote on who takes that seat. Sharon D’Orso will take the other open seat for the other two year vacancy.

Therefore, the winning candidates for the full Four Year Terms are as follows:

Planning and Zoning Commission (5 seats)

Joe Fossi (D) 3,303 19%
Charles Robbins (D) 2,967 17%
Joe Dowdell (D) 2,931 17%
Rebecca Mucchetti (R) 2,698 16%
George Hanlon (R) 2,595 15%

Board of Finance (2 seats)

Sean Connelly (D) 2,715 27%
Amy Macartney Freidenrich (D) 2,702 27%

Board of Education (4 seats)

Margaret Stamatis (D) 3,057 17%
Kathleen Holz (D) 2,934 16%
Doug Silver (D) 2,880 16%
Carina Borgia-Drake (D) 2,615 14%

Congratulations to all of the winners and a big thank you to all of the candidates who were on the ballot!