Registrar of Voters, Town Clerk Explain Ridgefield's Municipal Election

The Republican Registrar of Voters, Hope Wise, Town Clerk, Barbara Serfilippi, and Democratic Registrar of Voters, Cindy Bruno, met with First Selectman, Rudy Marconi, candidates, and the press today at Town Hall today to discuss (and explain) Ridgefield’s Municipal Election, which Serfillippi called, “very confusing”.

Here’s what you need to know: a person can not hold two elected seats. They have to either resign or decline. Serifillippi said there were candidates running in multiple spots which made this race highly unusual. ”This is why we had to confer with the State and Town attorney to make sure we got it right.”

Dick Moccia, who was in attendance today, remarked, “This is the first time I’ve won by losing.”

Here’s how it shakes out:

Board of Finance

Sean Connelly (D)

Amy Macartney Freidenrich (D)

Amy Macartney-Freidenrich won both the 2 year and 4-year seat. She has vacated her 2-year seat on the Board of Finance to take the seat for the full four-year term. By charter, Dick Moccia, the runner-up for the 2-year seat, will fill that position.

Board of Education

Margaret Stamatis (D)

Kathleen Holz (D)

Doug Silver (D)

Carina Borgia-Drake (D)

To fill the 2-year vacancy, there were two winners: Democrat, Carina Borgia-Drake, and Republican, Sharon D’Orso.

Carina will resign from 2-year seat tomorrow morning. A Democrat will be able to fill that vacancy.

Board of Assessment Appeal - full 4-year team

Anne Cutter (D)

Jeff Lundberg (D)

Planning and Zoning Commission - full 4-year term

Charles Robbins (D)

Joe Dowdell (D)

Joe Fossi (D)

George Hanlon (R)

Rebecca Mucchetti (R)

Planning and Zoning to fill 2-year vacancy

Charles Robbins and Bob Cascella were running.

Charles Robbins* is highest vote getter but can’t hold two elected positions. Charles Robbins declined the 2-year seat to take the 4-year seat. The two-year seat will go to Bob Cascella ®.

The Zoning Board of Appeals - 5-year term begins 2017

Terry Bearden-Rettger

Zoning Board of Appeals - 5-year term begins in 2018

Mark Seavy

Zoning Board of Appeals to fill vacancy for 1 year

Mark Seavy

Zoning Board of Appeals alternate to fill vacancy for 3 years

Mark Seavy

Zoning Board of Appeals to fill vacancy for 2 years

Mark Seavy

Here’s how that shakes out. Mark Seavy will fill the vacancy for 1 year and will also fill the 5-year vacancy that begins in 2018.  

Mark Seavy will decline the Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate (3-year vacancy) because he can’t hold Alternate and Zoning Board of Appeals. The Democrats will be able to replace Mark Seavy because there was no one running against him (If there were, the vote would have gone the next highest vote-getter).

Mark Seavy will decline the Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate for (2-year vacancy), and the vote will go to the Republican, John McNicholas.

Police Commissioners

Stephen Saloom (D)

Marci Coffin (R)

Joe Savino (R)


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