Ridgefield Resident Tom Reynolds Seeks Police Commission Candidacy, Find Out Why and Learn About Tom

Editor's note: HamletHub believes in democracy and we recently invited all Town of Ridgefield candidates to answer five questions, giving residents an opportunity to learn more about their candidacy, Town involvement, and reasons for seeking office. If you will be on the ballot on November 5, we'd love to hear from you! Please see the information on the bottom of this post regarding this Q&A opportunity.

Meet Tom Reynolds, Ridgefield Police Commissioner Candidate

What office are you running for and why?

I am a candidate for the position of Police Commissioner. I feel I am the best candidate for this position due to the following: (a) I have served on the Police Commission for 10 years, including two terms as Chairman. I understand the structure of the Department and the Commission’s oversight role. (b) I know and understand Ridgefield. I have lived in this Town for 43 years, raised my children here, established and ran a successful business here. I have served in town government for close to 15 years. I have served on the Boards of many civic and charitable groups during the past 4 decades. I feel I should give back to our Town, as I have benefited so much from living here. I want to continue my record of public service and serve for another term on the Ridgefield Police Commission.

What do you hope to accomplish should you be elected on November 5th?

Should I be elected, I would fulfill my responsibilities as Commissioner with passion and enthusiasm. The Police Department performs a critical function in Ridgefield, and the Commission’s function is to provide guidance and oversight to the Chief of Police and the Department. I intend to be fully engaged as a Commissioner and fulfill my role as a concerned citizen and as a problem solver.

Tell me about your current involvement in Ridgefield?

I am currently a member of the Police Commission, having filled the seat vacated by Charlie Knoche 3 months ago.

I am on the Board of the RVNA and serve as Chairman of the Development Committee. My association with the RVNA spans over 20 years, including a previous term on the Board and service as Chairman of the Audit Committee.

I am on the Advisory Committee of Meals on Wheels, having previously served as a Board Member.

I am a Board Member of the Ritter Family Foundation and serve as Treasurer.

I serve on the Financial Advisory Board to the Congregation of Notre Dame.

I am on the Board of Directors of Fairfield County Bank and serve as Vice-Chairman of the Bank and Chairman of the Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Biggest crisis facing Ridgefield?

We are fortunate to live in a wonderful town, considered to be one of the safest in the country. That being said, we are not perfect, and we do have problems. Speaking from a Police Commissioner’s point of view, I suppose the biggest problem and the one that affects most people is traffic. Our primary roads are choked more than ever, and our ability to solve this dilemma is limited since the State has jurisdiction over those roads. However, we must work with the State to find innovative ways to relieve some of the congestion. This congestion has caused problems on our secondary roads as well, with drivers using technology to help them find the fastest route through the Town. As a Commissioner, I intend to ask for increased traffic enforcement throughout Ridgefield. A frequent complaint I hear is about speeding, but also distracted driving.

Name a person, dead or alive, who you look up to

My late Father-In-Law, Phil Sheridan, is the person I have revered the most during my lifetime. I met Mr. Sheridan when I was 17 years old when I started dating his daughter, now my wife, Susan. That was 54 years ago. I said goodbye to him when he passed away in 2009, at 90 years old.

Mr. Sheridan was an incredible man. He was a decorated World War II veteran, having commanded a ship in the Pacific. He was an FBI Special Agent for his entire working career. He was the father of 9 children, a parishioner of St. Mary’s Church, and active in the Knights of Columbus, Meals on Wheels and the Ridgefield Men's Club. He was incredibly smart, very religious and a devoted family man. You couldn’t help but be impressed by him.

To learn more about Tom Reynolds visit Tom Reynolds for Police Commission on Facebook here.


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  1. What office are you running for and why

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  4. Biggest crisis facing our Town?

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  6. Name a person (dead or alive) who you look up to

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