Rachel Ruggeri for Ridgefield BoE, find out why she's running and learn about Rachel

Editor's note: HamletHub believes in democracy and we recently invited all Town of Ridgefield candidates to answer five questions, giving residents an opportunity to learn more about their candidacy, Town involvement, and reasons for seeking office. If you will be on the ballot on November 5, we'd love to hear from you! Please see the information on the bottom of this post regarding this Q&A opportunity.

Meet Rachel Ruggeri, Ridgefield BoE candidate 

What office are you running for and why?

I’m honored to be running for the Board of Education in Ridgefield, CT. It is my passion for education and love of children that has inspired me to run for office. If elected, I will utilize my extensive professional background as an educator and firsthand experience in the classroom to bring valuable perspective to the Board. I earned a BA in Math and Computer Science and an MPS in Math and Special Education. I worked as a math teacher in an inclusive classroom in Chappaqua, NY and was honored to serve in a leadership role as the math department chair before leaving. I will bring my enthusiasm for education, strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility to the Board of Education in Ridgefield, CT.

What do you hope to accomplish should you be elected on November 5th?

First and foremost, I would respect and uphold the mission of RPS and the goals set forth by the Board of Education. My focus will always be putting Children First! Addressing Curriculum and Instruction in RPS will lead to conversations around professional development, technology, emotional and physical health as well as their effects on the budget. Program changes can have both positive and negative impacts on student achievement. The current programs implemented need to be audited specifically in Elementary and Middle school years. With the question to see what is working and what is not. Concerns over program changes can be addressed through thoughtful questioning and discussion. We have great schools, let’s make sure we are on the right track to continue excellence in the future. How are special education services being delivered? Is instruction being differentiated? Are students provided with enrichment opportunities? What is the impact on bridging the curriculum between elementary and middle school years? There are many stakeholders when speaking about Curriculum and Instruction in RPS. Our programs are to support our curriculum; however, we can’t forget to support our teachers through professional development and make sure they are a part of the process. Organically these conversations will lead to examine the effect on our budget and lead to a more transparent understanding of spending for our children’s future. Our school’s infrastructure and maintaining safe school environments will always be important! Transparency and communicating effectively with the community. As well as being fiscally responsible with a budget that should meet the needs of our children and offer them the best educational experience.

Tell me about your current involvement in Ridgefield

Teaching our children about kindness is a community effort. As a family, we’ve organized a Trike a Thon in Chappaqua, NY for St. Jude’s Children Hospital, as well as a food drive for Westchester Food Bank. I’ve donated handmade tutu’s and activity kits to Maria Ferrari Children’s Hospital and dressed up as the Easter Bunny for guests at the Ronald McDonald House in New Haven, CT. In Ridgefield, I’ve participated in Run like a Mother for the past two years, I’m a member of St. Elizabeth Seton Church, and of the PTA at Branchville Elementary School. You can often find me at one of our beautiful soccer fields supporting SCOR or cheering for my daughter at RAC.

Biggest crisis facing our Town?

Finding a new superintendent that will embrace RPS and work together with our Board of Education. When speaking of superintendent’s, we have not had continuous leadership here in Ridgefield Public Schools. The role of the superintendent is 24/7. This individual needs to be a strong leader, that would oversee our high school, two middle schools and six elementary schools. The Board of Educations’ working relationship with this individual is of the utmost importance. It is an election year; I strongly believe that the elected Board of Education candidates on November 5th should be involved in the process of hiring a new superintendent.

Name a person (dead or alive) who you look up to

I look up to my grandmother, Angelina. She is from the Bronx, NY and moved to Westchester county when my mother was a teenager. I’ve learned from her never to forget where you come from and to be humble and kind. She is one of eight children and her parents were Italian immigrants. Her four brothers served admirably in the US military during World War II. She faces every experience with dignity and respect. She instilled pride and a strong work ethic onto my mother who in turn taught me and I hope to pass those same traits to my children.

I’m proud that my husband and I can share her stories with our children and spend the best times with her now! My grandmother taught me never to be afraid, that you can’t always make everyone happy and to be a good person. I love my family! I will work hard on the Board of Education for the children and community of Ridgefield. As a family, my husband and I try to model qualities for our children of compassion and kindness. I will exemplify these qualities as a Board member, remembering to always put “Children First”.

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