Ridgefield Letter: I will cast my vote for Rudy Marconi

We always hear that this election is particularly important.  Well, it is.  It is the next important casting of votes to which we are entitled and duty-bound.  Our citizenship is a right demanding that we honor it …by behaving, by being kind, and by voting. 

I will cast my ballot for Rudy Marconi.  He’s a bright light in our Ridgefield.  Bright in every sense.  He’s a brilliant servant of our Ridgefield.  He understands the issues.  He knows our town.  He has guided it to become a center for arts and culture – the Playhouse, the Prospector, A.C.T. of CT. and CHIRP have all materialized with his support …and on his watch.  He speaks eloquently.  He listens closely and sincerely and with compassion. 

I am voting for Rudy because his experience, his intelligence, and his record are what we needed when he was first elected to office.  His experience, intelligence and record are what we need now.  And what we need for the years to come.  Give our Ridgefield the gift of good, effective, wise government.  Give Rudy Marconi your vote on November 5th.  I am giving him my vote. 

Ira Joe Fisher, Ridgefield CT