Letter of Support for Ben Nneji for Ridgefield P&Z

Please join me in voting for my husband, Ben Nneji, for Planning and Zoning (P&Z) on Tuesday, Nov 5.

I have been married to Ben for more than 35 years. For me, it was practically love at first sight. After all,  he was hardworking, intelligent, tall, dark, and handsome! Over the years, I have witnessed the leadership skills that will make Ben perfect for P&Z--  as the eldest of nine, father of 4 (all RHS graduates), mentor to many and as a highly respected professional in the business world (AT&T, GE Capital, Omnicom Group, SigmaWorksGroup).

Ben has the ability to see the forest through the trees; he is gentle but determined in approach and always looks for the win-win.  Ben’s core is his strong belief in and commitment to family... our family, Ridgefield as family, and the country as family. 

Ben will do everything in his power to protect, preserve and promote the town which we have loved living in the past 21 years. 

Vote for Ben Nneji for P & Z on Nov 5.

Janie Nneji

166 Peaceable Street

Ridgefield, CT


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