Martha and Dick Cavett Endorse Tom Reynolds for Ridgefield Police Commissioner

We noticed when we moved to Ridgefield two years ago how lucky we were to get this wonderful town as a bonus when we found our old landmark house.  We are delighted to hear that someone we especially admire – Tom Reynolds  -- is running for Police Commissioner, and we hope our fellow citizens will vote for him. 

Tom is a good, smart, and thoughtful guy, and has lived here practically forever.  He has already served on the Police Commission, including as its Chairman, and has valuable experience dealing with its issues.  In addition, he is one of the people who makes Ridgefield such a special place to live – engaging in public service and volunteerism in meaningful and generous ways.  He is always “giving back” to the community. 

Let’s give him the chance to keep giving back to us by voting him in for Police Commissioner. 

Martha and Dick Cavett

Ridgefield, CT


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