Ridgefield Letter: Republicans Misleading the Voters

Wow. If you read any of the campaign talking points from the Republican candidates you would think Ridgefield is about to be invaded by toll-escaping vehicles, projects failing to conform to our existing Master Plan of Development and hoards of fiscally profligate parents of school-aged children.

None of this is even close to the truth. Tolls are not up for action by ANY of our Boards or the First Selectman. We have no authority what so ever if, when or how tolls may or may not be enacted in the State. That is a matter for Hartford and Washington (as Federal law oversees highways). The current bomb-throwing rhetoric is just that—a bomb thrown to distract you from the local priorities of this election.  

Ridgefield’s development is overseen by Planning and Zoning—a Board that does not report to the Board of Selectmen or the First Selectman. These candidates are distracting you by trying to make you believe that these decisions are made by the Board of Selectmen or the First Selectman.

Our schools make Ridgefield attractive and desirable. They are a vital engine of economic stability. The Democratic-led Board of Finance keeps our taxes down which over the past several years has meant either NO increase in the mil rate or little increase (compare Ridgefield to other towns in our area).

So why are we being deceived?   Because the Republican candidates have nothing else to say. No real ideas and no real basis for asserting they will do a better job in our town.

I would for once like to have this campaign focus on REAL Ridgefield priorities, not on distracting, false and non-local subjects.

Susan Cocco

Branchville Road


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