Letter: Ridgefield has an outstanding candidate for Police Commission, namely Tom Reynolds

I’ve known Tom and his wife Susan for many years.   A founder of Reynolds & Rowella CPA firm, Tom has served with distinction on the boards of countless state and local organizations for more than 30 years, which include 10 years on the Police Commission including two terms as chairman. This has provided Tom with an in-depth review of 10 years of police department budgets, the hiring of the current Police Chief, providing him with a good background of police department financial matters and an asset for someone seeking to be elected to the Police Commission.

I asked Tom what he expected to do on the Police Commission and he said he would approach this elected position to do what’s in the best combined interest of the town and Police Department, to support the mission of the Police Department, and its ongoing activities as related to state laws, town ordinances, town charter, police policies and precedents.  His priorities include innovative solutions to traffic congestion, improved enforcement against distracted driving and measurable programs to combat substance abuse.

Tom is responsible, pragmatic and accessible — all qualities we want in our public officials.

The men and women of the Ridgefield Police Union have wisely endorsed Tom’s candidacy.  I do too.

With Tom’s extensive background and integrity, it is without hesitation that I encourage residents to vote for him on Nov. 5.

John Frey 

193 Wilton Road West