Ridgefield Letter: Spin vs Reality

2016 Spin: With brazen dishonesty, Trump portrays America as plagued by choking taxes, hostility to business, stratospheric unemployment, unrelenting violence, exploding deficits. Trump promises to fix everything.

2016 Reality: America enjoys historically-low taxes, steady economic and jobs growth, decades-low violence, shrinking deficits.

2019 Spin: With brazen dishonesty, local candidates portray Ridgefield as plagued by choking taxes, hostility to business, disintegrating schools, reckless development, unrelenting traffic, loss of character. They promise to fix everything.

2019 Reality: Under First Selectman Rudy Marconi and Democratic majorities on Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance, Ridgefield attains/maintains its distinction as Connecticut’s #1 town, with stable taxes, a thriving dining/arts/Main Street scene, excellent schools, envied charm. The main threat to town character is the obliviousness of the decades-entrenched Republican majority on Planning & Zoning Commission.

On November 5, vote row A to elect Rudy Marconi and all Democratic candidates.

Alex Harris


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