Ridgefield Letter: Pass the Reins Chairwoman Mucchetti

When I was asked to be the spokesperson for RVU I took on the responsibility of speaking for the residents who have been stunted and bullied into submission by the members of the Planning & Zoning Board.

We rallied for you all to get new members on and you were AMAZING in voting our 3 endorsed candidates into office. 

Here is the cold hard truth. A vote on new a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson must take place on November 26th at the PZB meeting but REBECCA MUCHETTI REFUSES TO GIVE UP HER SEAT.

She needs 5 votes to stay in her role as Chairwoman. Unfortunately, by voting in John Katz she was given that 5th vote. He will NOT vote her out unless she voluntarily steps down. We all know Bob Jewell and his builder friends want her to stay.

This is the same for Charlie Robbins. He is beholden to her for some reason. Fossi (a builder) as well. They are all attached at the hip.

Our new members Robert Hendrick, Ben Nneji & Susan Consentino have met with Rebecca to gently and respectfully ask her to step down on her own terms and allow the residents to have their due diligence. She refuses.

So here is what will happen. Rebecca Mucchetti and her regime have decided to just go to a vote. She has 5 votes and invited the Ridgefield Press to come to her inauguration on Tuesday, November 26th. 

What she does not realize is that all her inaccuracies, her misdeeds, everything is going to be aired publicly. They have to be. It’s not what RVU wants but it what has to be done. All her poor decisions, going against residents and POCD, all her bullying of residents all aired publicly.

If you think meetings are brutal now if she stays, meetings going forward will be even more contentious. There will be no respect, no confidence.  Rebecca why? All to keep control of what basically you have lost already (Inland Wetlands Board, Aquifers)? 

I am publicly asking Rudy Marconi, BOS, Alex Harris, Hope Wise to assist in averting a showdown at the TUESDAY NOVEMBER 26TH PZB meeting.

Please, all residents, lets rally again like we did for the election. Residents need to take back control of their hometown - not give the control back to Rebecca Mucchetti, Bob Jewell and Steven Zemo amongst other builders.

Thank you,

Lori Mazzola, Spokesperson for Ridgefield Voters United


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