Lamont and Commissioner Dykes Applaud Suspension of Eversource Rate Increase

Governor Ned Lamont and Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Commissioner Katie Dykes released the following statements regarding the decision announced today by the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) that it is ordering Eversource to immediately suspend its recent rate increase and restore rates to where they stood on June 30 while it conducts an investigation:

Governor Lamont said, “Today’s decision by PURA is good news for ratepayers across our state. PURA’s pause today on delivery rate hikes reassures our residents that the reconsideration of requests by utilities can happen, and – most importantly of all – that customers won’t be overpaying in the meantime. At the same time, we have reinvigorated our pressure on the federal government to address long-standing frustrations with federally-mandated delivery charges.”

Commissioner Dykes said, “An independent, rigorous review of Eversource’s rate increase at PURA is the best way to ensure Connecticut residents are not paying more than their fair share to our publicly regulated utilities. In this time of economic distress for so many, PURA did the right thing to make sure that families are not overpaying while the utilities make their case. Respecting PURA’s oversight role, DEEP will participate as a party to advocate on behalf of the state for affordable electric rates essential to a speedy recovery, and a clean and reliable electric grid essential to future health and prosperity.”


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