Ridgefield Letter: Open Letter to ABG

Ms. Berger-Girvalo: your letter to the editor in HamletHub on September 4th offers no concrete suggestion on how to apply your desegregation plans to Ridgefield.

If you are elected, how are you going to change Ridgefield? When a two-acre zoned property comes up for sale, are you going to allow multi-family apartment buildings right in the middle of a neighborhood? Are you going to remove all zones? Where do you live and what is the zone? You are not qualified to legislate on this until you share what you are also doing in your neighborhood.

Ridgefield established the new sewer plan to replace the current sewer plant with a more modern one but with the same capacity as before, thus allowing for no new hookups. That’s a problem because you can’t put in apartment buildings without sewer capacity. Are you going to force us to build more sewer plants here in town? Exactly who is going to pay for them? We, the “privileged rich” people? We don’t have the business base to share the tax burden. We worked very hard to be able to afford to live in this town and pay the taxes for its maintenance and preservation.

I have seen no Democrat address one concrete point about this or any issue for this election season. If you push to “desegregate” our town, where is the school capacity going to come from? Are you going to force four-lane roads, New Jersey style, to accommodate the traffic? The roads are already overloaded. 

This town, and Connecticut, have done nothing concrete to address the affordable housing issue under Democratic leadership except bend repeatedly at every threat of 8-30g. Currently, you offer not ONE concrete solution to this problem. Put your money where your mouth is and suggest some workable solutions.

-Jeanmarie McLean, Ridgefield, Connecticut

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