Ridgefield Letter: Why I’m voting for Bob Hebert

I endorse Bob Hebert in his bid for 111th District Representative. My ten-year relationship with Bob began on a religious retreat and continues to be faith/friend based.  Through his witness and his actions, Bob positively challenges, broadens and influences the perspectives of others while respecting their personal experiences. 

In our friendship, we address issues of family, career, community, and faith.  Bob consistently challenges me to better serve as a husband, father, fiduciary and volunteer in my various community commitments. His friendship is one of principle, trust, and mutual respect. 

Bob never wavers from difficult tasks. I have witnessed him step up to any role he, in good conscience, sees value in.  Bob has the robust experience, vision, and passion to deliver successfully, but perhaps more importantly, Bob has integrity of character and compassionate respect for all because he actively leans on the principles of his faith to guide him.

Paul R. Janerico,

Registered Independent and Ridgefield Resident since 1991


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