Ridgefield Letter: Congratulations Residents, Your Voices were Heard on ADU's

Limits on ADU’s based on size of the home will most likely be voted into the regulation instead of the blanket 1,200 square foot 2-bedroom apartment proposed for all homes regardless of size.

At the February 23rd meeting, Rob Hendrick and Susan Consentino encouraged negotiations to enact the sliding scale that neighboring towns successfully use.  

Any residences 2,999 square feet and under of living space must abide by the current regulation and may build their ADU up to 900 square feet. Residences 3,000 square feet and above can increase their ADU up to a maximum of 1,200 square feet. The square footage will be based on the tax assessor's records only.

What was not addressed, and hoping will be before the final vote, was eliminating “Notice To Residents” that a neighbor will be reconstructing their home to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

Lori Mazzola, Ridgefield Voters United Spokesperson

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