CT Public Health Bill SB-1083 headed to the Senate, would require health clubs to maintain an AED and trained staff person

Public Health Bill SB-1083 is headed to the Senate and, if passed, would require health clubs and athletic facilities to maintain an AED and a trained staff person on site. My loving husband was a father of three and only 50 years old when he died in a health club waiting for EMS. There was no one at the gym to help him. For every minute that passes, the chance of survival drops 7-10% following a sudden cardiac event.
It is undisputed that the likelihood of sudden cardiac arrest increases in health clubs that promote workout intensity where patrons are intentionally raising their heart rates. It is also undisputed that there is a decrease in fatality rates with the immediate use of an AED and CPR.
Other states already have AED laws including our Massachusetts neighbors. It’s hard to understand why no progress has been made in CT to help minimize this high risk and I am calling on our elected officials to make health clubs safer -- after all, many other CT businesses/buildings are required to do the same.
Read more about Public Health Bill SB-1083 here.
Thank you to Senator Will Haskell and State Rep Aimee Berger-Girvalo for helping see this through.


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