Town of Ridgefield BOS Meeting on Wednesday: Gigi Ice Cream Permit Renewal, Appointments, Hair & Nail Salon Health Director Request, and More

Town of Ridgefield Board of Selectmen Meeting on Wednesday, June 23  at 6:30pm

BOS Agenda

1. Public Comment

2. Vendor Permit Renewal – Gigi’s Family Ice Cream

3. Appointment:

 a. Marcus Recck – Parking Authority

 b. Whit Campbell & Krista Willett– Affordable Housing Committee

 c. Christa Carone – ECDC

 d. Roberta Barbieri – Alternate on Conservation Commission

 e. Kevin Redmond – Interim Deputy Treasurer

4. Hair & Nail Salons – Health Director’s request to establish a fee

5. Dedication to Open Space in perpetuity – Turner Rd/Barnum Place

6. Affordable Housing update – Dave Goldenberg

7. Ridgefield Housing Authority update – Frank Coyle

8. Covid Update

9. Approval of Meeting Minutes – 3/17/2021 & 5/19/2021

10. Selectman’s Report

11. Move July BOS meeting from 7/14 to 7/21


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