Almost 100 changes suggested to Ridgefield Charter Revision Commission

At its March 30 meeting, the Charter Revision Commission (CRC) will continue reviewing almost 100 suggested changes to the town charter, which have been submitted by residents and town officials over the past two months. Some of those changes are minor clarifications to descriptions of various town boards. Others would lead to major changes in the town’s form of government.

Residents may suggest changes in person at the beginning of each CRC meeting (Thursdays, 6:30 PM in the Town Hall Annex), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or send letters (CRC, Ridgefield Town Hall, 440 Main St.).

The CRC urges residents to submit their suggested changes by April 6. That will give the commission sufficient time to review and research the suggestions, evaluate and discuss possible implications, and decide on their inclusion in the draft report. That report will be presented in public hearings in mid-to-late May. The commission will then present a final report to the Board of Selectmen. Following selectmen approval, residents will vote on proposed changes in November’s election.

The Town Charter is comparable to a state’s constitution or an organization’s by-laws. Because it defines the basic authorities and operating rules of the town, it directly affects each resident. State law determines how and when the town’s charter can be changed. Generally, the revision process happens only twice each decade. Each time, it offers residents a powerful opportunity to express their ideas and effect change on how our town is governed.

To read the charter, or for more information on the current commission or past charter changes, go to the town’s website. The website also includes links to agendas and minutes from past meetings, as well as a list of the changes that have been suggested to date. To watch a livestream of CRC meetings, or too see recordings of past meetings, go to the ‘government’ tab on the homepage, click on ‘Board of Selectmen’, and drop down to the ‘Meeting Video’ tab.

For reminders of upcoming charter revision public hearings, sign up for ‘general government notifications’ on Ridgefield Alerts.


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