Letter: McEvoy Comments Harm Ridgefield Public Schools

BOE member Sean McEvoy characterized certain students as “bottom of the bucket”, insinuating too many resources are diverted away from higher performing students. Mr. McEvoy’s coarse sentiments are belittling and false.

Mr. McEvoy has sat on Ridgefield’s BOE for four years. After so much time, his resort to the term “bottom of the bucket” betrays deep-seated disdain. One does not easily and unconsciously slip from neutral terms like “lower performing” to such stark and malicious imagery like “bottom of the bucket,” absent feelings of contempt toward the population that Mr. McEvoy targeted.

Mr. McEvoy’s insinuation that resources expended on atypical students to the detriment of conventionally higher performing students, is false. RPS focuses significant resources on high achievers.

Mr. McEvoy’s views are antagonistic to the purpose and responsibilities of the Board of Education and his presence on that board is a detriment to our town’s education system.

Respectfully submitted,

Alex Harris

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