CT State Troopers Prepare for New Years Holiday Enforcement


The Connecticut State Police will remain very active to enhance public safety on all highways and roads in Connecticut this New Year’s Holiday.  Troopers will utilize various enforcement methods to locate and arrest dangerous and intoxicated drivers this New Year’s Holiday weekend. To accomplish this task State Troopers will utilize both marked and unmarked State Police Patrol Cars as Troopers are attempting to remove all unsafe and intoxicated drivers from Connecticut’s roads and highways.

State Police ask motorists to follow all driving laws, as their behavior on the roads is essential to keeping potential hazards at a distance. Simply putting traffic laws into practice will prevent accidents and save lives:   

  •          Drive the speed limit.
  •          Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.
  •          Ensure that all passengers are wearing seatbelts.
  •          Signal when turning, changing lanes or taking an exit.
  •          Refrain from texting or using your phone.
  •          Never consume alcohol or prescription drugs before you get behind the wheel.
  •          Move over (when safe to do so) whenever law enforcement, fire trucks, ambulances or tow trucks are occupying a lane. Please give them room to do their job efficiently and safely.

This New Year’s Holiday operation will start at midnight 12/31/15 and continue to 1/3/2016 at midnight. Connecticut State Police are reminding all motorists if you drink DO NOT DRIVE. Designate a sober non-drinking driver before you partake in any celebration. 

If you see a suspected drunk driver or reckless driver that is an emergency, call 911 immediately.  Help us to keep the roads and highways safe this New Year’s Holiday.