Ridgefield Police Warn of Summertime Scams

Don't get burned! Summertime is prime time for scammers. Whether you are searching for an affordable weekend beach getaway, want to buy concert tickets, or find a deal of a lifetime on a product you see online, know the warning signs that signal - SCAM. These products, goods, and services are often found in the form of a classified ad.
We spoke with Captain Jeff Kreitz of the Ridgefield Police Department about summer scams. There is no sunscreen strong enough to prevent this type of burn. Don't let it happen to you.
Red Flags for Scammers Regarding Classified Ads

- Selling at an reduced price

- When communications begin the seller (scammer) may reduce the price even more. 
- Seller (scammer) communicates via email only.
- Poor spelling and grammar in the written correspondence.
- Seller (scammer) states that they need to sell the item immediately because they are moving 
- When contact is made with the seller (scammer) the seller (scammer) will explain that are moving out of the country and give a story to build their credibility.  They may indicate that they hold a high profile position or work in a well respected field.
- A request is made by the seller (scammer) to wire the money to a location and requests the routing number.
- Be aware that the contact phone number listed may show as a local number even though the seller is located in another country.
Captain Kreitz urges anyone who has any concern to call the Ridgefield Police Department: 203-438-6531.


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