Ridgefield Police: Public Announcement for Ridgefield Residents

We will be modifying our response to non-investigative type complaints in the wake of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Being that we are first responders, we want to limit any non-essential exposure to others. The types of complaints that our officers will take over the phone are those that do not require an officer to be present. If it is determined that an officer is needed to respond to an incident, please understand that they will keep a safe distance away from the public as recommended from the CDC. This is not our normal response, but the safest recommended approach.

If an emergency situation exists, please continue to dial 9-1-1, as we will respond as normal.

We have also suspended all fingerprinting, child safety seat installations, and unwanted medication drop off until further notice.

As we limit in-person contact to help minimize the potential risk associated with community spread of COVID-19, it will allow us to continue to be an effective resource to the community.

We continue to receive recommendations for safety as they relate to COVID-19, and appreciate your support and understanding during this challenging time.


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