Statewide Realtors Association Endorces Bob Hebert

The state’s Association of REALTORS has endorsed Bob Hebert’s candidacy for State Representative, urging agents and brokers in this area to support his effort to serve residents of the 111th General Assembly District in the state legislature.

The Connecticut REALTORS Association represents 17,000 members involved in all aspects of real estate in Connecticut. The Association carefully evaluates candidates in determining who may best ensure a positive environment for living in or transferring property in Connecticut. Real estate is essential to economic recovery and stability in the state and helps to build communities.

"Because of their wide-reaching client relationships throughout the community, the men and women who work in the real estate industry have great insight about the inner-workings of our town," said Hebert, a Republican working to represent Ridgefield at the capitol. "Through the relationships they have built with their client families and local business, they have an informed perspective about what's needed in Hartford to bolster our economy and encourage new residents and businesses to move to Connecticut. It's an honor to have their endorsement.”

Ridgefield and Connecticut realtors will be keeping close tabs on the recently proposed State bills that seek to eliminate single-family zoning and transfer local control of town Planning & Zoning Commissions to state and neighboring city authorities. “As a Ridgefield Realtor, I’m convinced Bob understands the needs of our community and will advocate for issues in Ridgefield’s best interest, says Realtor Carole Cousins.

Hebert, who serves as a Selectman in Ridgefield, has enjoyed a long career in banking and finance, allowing him to play a role in creating thousands of jobs. Improving the state’s economy, protecting home values, and controlling property taxes are among his top priorities.

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