Girl Scouts and Friends Plant 350 Tree Seedlings


Tuckahoe and Eastchester Girls Scouts and Friends Planted 350 Tree Seedlings as part of the year long celebration for the Town of Eastchester's 350th Anniversary at the Magic Treetures Forest Nursery.

For Arbor Day 2014, Friday, April 25th, over 60 Girl Scouts from Daisies and Brownies to Juniors, all dug in at Eastchester's Magic Treetures Forest Nursery, located on the corner of Highland Ave. and California RD.

The mission was to plant the 350 seedlings that were donated by Almstead Tree Company. Established in 2000, The Eastchester Treetures Forest, was the first of many special Treetures Forests around the United States and in other countries as well -

Tuckahoe and Eastchester Girl Scouts came prepared with gloves, trowels, and watering cans to continue a 14 year tradition that results in saplings that are transplanted, graduate and grow throughout the Town in their permanent homes in parks and private gardens.

Eastchester Town Hall has a Norway spruce that originated at the Treetures Forest and was initially planted by a five-year-old Daisy Scout.

To cheer the planting crew on, each year a bunch of Treeture costume characters join the fun. Eastchester teenagers volunteer to take turns wearing the costumes.

This year to the delight of the young scouts Steward, the Street Treeture and Blossom, the Tree Twirler made an appearance. There are 36 illustrated characters, each represents either a biological function or process that teaches kids how trees grow or carries the message about the value of trees to our environment.

The real magic in the Treetures Magic Forest Nursery is the children whose enthusiastic work makes the Program's slogan a reality: "Because of Me, There Grows a Tree".

Everyone earned his or her "Green Heart" sticker and "Tree Keeper Certificate" on Arbor Day 2014
Scouts from Troops: #1525, 1575, 1536, 2542, 2939, 1531, 2493, 1532, 

Judith H. Blau, an Eastchester resident, created the Treetures Environmental Education Program in 1986, has partnered with the U.S. Forest Service, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Alliance for Community Trees and many non-profit tree organizations nationally and internationally.


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