NYC Earth Day Festival on Sunday, April 16 in Union Square

Earth Day 2023 Festival

In NYC Union Square, the annual in-person festival features dozens of environmental non-profits and climate campaigns, interactive workshops, and speeches. Some of the booths are listed here

  • Worldwide Virtual Stage: Features discussions around critical climate issues. Past speakers include Bill Nye, Robert Downey Jr, Elizabeth Warren, and Al Gore, and the 2023 lineup is almost finalized.
The Earth Day 2023 Festival brings together dozens of grassroots environmental organizations and big global organizations like Fridays for Future and March for Science to call for climate action and engage the public in ways they can get involved in activism or living more sustainably.  The event includes kids' games, a series of workshops on sustainability topics (for example, "Meet a Climate Scientist" and "Green Jobs 101"), a Climate Strike art build, interactive activities, and a stage featuring speeches, performances, and a broadcast of the Earth Day 2023 Virtual Stage which has hosted partners like Bill Nye, Al Gore, Elizabeth Warren, and Robert Downey Jr. The event is hosted by NYC-based Earth Day Initiative
Earth Day Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes environmental awareness and solutions through partnerships with schools, community organizations, businesses, and governments. Since the first Earth Day in 1970, when 20 million people (10 percent of the population of the country at the time) turned out, Earth Day has been a catalyst for ongoing awareness and action.  Earth Day Initiative’s mission is to bring the spirit of the first Earth Day into the 21st Century.  


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