The Rooftop Farm at St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, Home to 60,000 Bees, Unveils First Harvest

For the past two months, the Rooftop Farm at St. Barnabas Hospital's soon-to-be-open SBH Health and Wellness Center has been home for 60,000 bees (in addition to a working farm).

Tomorrow morning (JULY 7, 2020) at 11:30 am the beekeeper will be on the roof for the bees' first honey harvest.  The center, which opens in September with a fitness center and teaching kitchen, as well as clinical offices, is four years in the making and is intended to transform the health of the Bronx (which perennially finishes in 62nd and last place in terms of health outcomes in NYS).

The beekeeper will remove the top box from each Beehive and use a small leaf blower to push the bees out of the boxes and back towards the hive. 




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