Ace Endico To Go Delivers Groceries and Specialty Items to Your Westchester Home!

Ace Endico Freshly on Wheels and Delivering to Your Home

Ace Endico, a family-owned business that began with humble roots in a small garage in Mt. Vernon, New York in 1982  is now the leading regional food purveyor and foodservice distributor in the Northeast, employing over 400 employees!

And, until recently, you could only savor the company’s top quality products when you dined in the finest restaurants or shopped in the highest quality retail food market.

Ta-da! This is no longer the case! You have made busy families throughout Westchester and Connecticut very happy by offering over 2,000 items on newly launched Ace Endico To Go delivered directly to homes (and it’s free if you spend $200 or more!) 

Here, we talk with Steven D'Onofrio Ace Endico VP of Sales about the company's rapidly growing home delivery service - Ace Endico To Go!

Tell me how and why you pivoted your business model to support the community during the pandemic?

We saw a need to help the community who were fearful to leave their homes to shop for fine food and thought- How could we help.  Within 2 weeks, we created a brand new website, created a full team, specifically dedicated to this business model, invested in 6 new Sprinter Vans, specifically designed with proper temperature controls to ensure the highest quality of delivery, and trained our drivers to deliver in a COVID19 distanced way.   We even deliver Gelato at the perfect temperature- ready to eat every time.

What are some of your best selling products and how does one go about getting them?

Some of our best selling products tend to be Antibiotic-Free Chicken from Murray’s Chicken- Our portion control- Top Restaurant steaks- such as Filet Mignon and Strip Steak.

Our on-site Freshly cut seafood such as Salmon, Whole Lobsters, and Sea Bass- Our Imported Italian specialties such as DOP San Marzano Tomatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano

Our convenience products such as Imported- Ready to Bake Pizzas, as well as many grocery and produce staples.

Believe it or not- we sell a great variety of Masks- with Fashionable designs!

Do you have products for customers who have special dietary needs (gluten allergies) or those on plant-based diets?

Absolutely!  We actually have dedicated categories on our site for Gluten Free and Plant based diets as well as Organic products.

Can you name a few local restaurants whose menu is chock full of Ace Endico products?

Too many to mention all! To name a few, in Westchester, we support Fortina, DeCicco and Sons, Cutillo's Restaurant as welll as Plaza at Clover Lake (assisted living) in Carmel. Our range of customer base is quite extensive.

Check out the many products available for purchase HERE and place your order online here for next-day home delivery. 


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