Bronx River Upper River Paddle on October 5

Bronx River Upper River Paddle on October 5 from 10 am to 3 pm at Concrete Plant Park (219th street and Bronx Blvd.)

This paddle starts at 219th St. and ends in the Mitsubishi Riverwalk of the Bronx Zoo. These trips are approximately two and a half hours on water and have one portage site which requires one to wheel their boat for a mile and a half. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to travel south through Shoelace Park, The Bronx River Forest, The Botanical Garden, and the Bronx Zoo. All registering should be predominately fit for this challenging, yet rewarding experience on the Bronx River. Please allow approximately 4 hours, which includes time for registration, put in and take out, etc.

Please note: We will be ending at a different location on the river than where we have put in. The Alliance does not provide transportation up to the starting point of 219th. Public transportation back up to the starting area is available 2 blocks from end location.

Please be mindful, we ask that all refund requests be made 48 hours prior to trip date and time.


All participants are to have filled and completed an ACA adult or minor waiver to participate in activities. All participants are to also abide by the Bronx River rules of safety and wear appropriate close-toed attached shoes throughout the entire paddle. The Bronx River Alliance reserves the right to deny any person participation if they are not fully abiding by our safety measures.

For more information on this statement, please call 718-430-4677.

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