Kaplan Educational Foundation Announces 2022 College Acceptances

Leadership Program Helps Community College Students Transfer and Earn Four-Year Degrees From Top Colleges and Universities

 The Kaplan Educational Foundation (KEF) celebrates the latest college acceptances from their 15th cohort of  scholars in the Kaplan Leadership Program.  

Established in 2006, the Kaplan Leadership Program helps high-potential, low-income and underrepresented community college students complete their associate's degree, successfully transfer and go on to earn a four-year bachelor's degree at the nation's most highly-selective schools. The program focuses on a holistic approach – providing extensive tutoring, academic advisement services, leadership and career training, stipends for living expenses, and other resources and support to help them expand their personal goals, and eventually attain leadership roles in their professions and communities. 

The 2022 Kaplan Leadership Scholars and their college acceptances: 

  • Marlon Arteaga, Union County College -  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Elhadj Barry, Bronx Community College - Brown University

  • Angel Beebe, Hudson County Community College - Smith College

  • Fambougouri Diane, Bronx Community College - Tufts University

  • Aïssata Diop, Bronx Community College -  Smith College

  • Sybel Francois, Union County College - Claremont McKenna College

  • Raquel Hernandez, Borough of Manhattan Community College - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

  • Quiana James - Borough of Manhattan Community College - New York University

  • Belicia Kensah - Union County College - Rutgers University - New Brunswick

  • Gabriel Morillo - Bronx Community College - Haverford College

  • Ndongo Njie - Hostos Community College - Princeton University

Students also received acceptances from Pomona College, Mt. Holyoke College, Occidental College, University of Rochester, University of Michigan, and Wellesley College.

Since KEF’s inception, Kaplan Leadership Scholars have been accepted to the country’s most competitive schools. This year, KEF has its first acceptances to Princeton University and Haverford College. Eighty-seven percent of Kaplan Scholars earn a bachelor’s degree. 

"While COVID-19 continued to create challenges for our scholars, given the fact that the diverse and resilient talent that the nation needs to fuel the economy can be found in our community colleges, we felt it was particularly important that we remain committed to our mission and celebrate the achievements of our students at this time,” says Nolvia Delgado, Executive Director of KEF. “This year’s cohort continues to represent the wide diversity that exists in U.S. community colleges, including non-traditional age students, recent immigrants, first-generation and ESL learners, and others pursuing degrees in education, STEM, computer science, medicine, law and other fields. We’re excited to continue to remove barriers and provide greater access to higher education for talented, motivated individuals."

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