Community Board 8 Resolution on the Montefiore Project

On December 10, Community Board 8 met at the Riverdale Temple in public session. The substance of the meeting has been previously reported. We believe it is important for all in the neighborhood to understand the issues on both sides. Today, the Board followed up by releasing the full text of the resolution passed that evening in opposition to the Montefiore project. We are publishing it here in full, along with the voting record of the Board members. We invite your comment and welcome a public statement from representatives of Montefiore as well:

WHEREAS, Montefiore Hospital has secured the services of Simone Developers to erect an 11-story building on Riverdale Ave through to Oxford Avenue to be used by Montefiore Hospital for a medical facility; and

WHEREAS, Montefiore Hospital has not engaged in any studies of medical need, community impact or provided any"statement of need;" and

WHEREAS, Montefiore Hospital has boycotted opportunities to engage in direct dialog with the community board or the immediate neighbors; and

WHEREAS, Montefiore Hospital plans call for over 50 physicians, several hundred support personnel, as well as over 1,000 patient visits per day with supportive family members, without providing for adequate parking; and

WHEREAS, Montefiore has made clear that it intends to push neighborhood physicians to join its network and refer patients exclusively to it; and

WHEREAS, Montefiore Hospital has been acquiring medical facilities in the Bronx, such as Westchester Square Hospital and Our Lady of Mercy, and then reducing medical services, raising the question as to whether it is in violation of the State's Donnelly Act by trying to monopolize health care services in the North Bronx;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Bronx Community Board No. 8 hereby expresses its opposition to this development for the following reasons:

1. The community has offered overwhelming opposition to this development as it, by size and being out of context with the adjoining community, will impact on congestion and quality of life concerns;

2. This residential community cannot presently accommodate its current parking needs;

3. The facility is almost certain to impose a restraint of trade for the many medical practices, pharmacies and medical facilities, already operating in the community;

4. The facility is far too large, with Oxford Avenue, far too narrow to accommodate the planned traffic and activities proposed; and be it further

RESOLVED, that Bronx Community Board No. 8 calls on the State Department of Health to investigate the need and appropriateness of Montefiore Hospital proposed construction plans; and be it further

RESOLVED, that Montefiore be prohibited from receiving any Federal, State or local funding, including UJA contract funding for research grants or any funding not directly related to its care-giving operations until such time as Montefiore Hospital responds to community concerns strongly stated at the Bronx Community Board No. 8 Land Use Committee meetings by substantially rethinking the entire proposed project.

Vote: 34 in favor, 0 opposed, and 3 abstentions

In Favor -

S. Alexander, S. Balicer, B. Bender, B. Contant, A. P. Creaney, L. Daub, M. Donato, P. Ellis, R. Fanuzzi, A. Fella, S. Froot, M. Galvin, R. Ginty, M. Goodman, M. Khury, D. Kornbluh, D. Lennon, C. G. Moerdler, A. Moore, P. Mullen, D. Padernacht, L. Parker, J. M. Pilsner, R. Press, J. Rather, J. Reyes, X. Sanchez, G. Santiago, G. Singleton, A. A. Spett, S. Villaverde, M. Wolpoff, H. Young, M. Zegarra-Soja

Abstentions –

P. Friedman (with cause), M. Heller (with cause), I. Ladimer (with cause)


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