Yonkers City Council Speaks Out on Gas Interruption

  Con Edison has announced that all applications submitted after March 2019 will be denied gas service. This is announced on the heels of the City of Yonkers Industrial Development Agency announcing a record level of economic development in the City of Yonkers. “ This will slow down, if not completely stop, the 20 years of economic development we have seen on the Yonkers waterfront,” stated Minority Leader Mike Breen. Breen added, “This is going to also negatively affect young homeowners you want to come and build a future in Yonkers. If you don’t already have gas service, Con Edison is telling these young folks to go punt and build in Putnam, Rockland or elsewhere.”

“This announcement could cause the Ludlow, Chicken Island, Tutonia Hall and Extell projects to stop in their tracks. Nearly 10,000 construction jobs won’t exist. Yonkers will lose tens of millions of dollars in new, recurring revenues; progress will cease,” stated Councilman John Rubbo.  Rubbo continued, “Not only will this affect economic development, but this could potentially affect the building of three new schools in our city. This is unacceptable!”.

Councilman Anthony Merante added, “The NYS public service commission must step in and do something. Con Edison did not find out on Friday that they could not supply future gas service to the people of Westchester County. It was irresponsible on the part of Con Edison to not have announced this 12 months ago. This game of chicken between Con Edison and the Public Service Commission is unacceptable.”

The City Council Minority is calling upon Con Edison and the Public Service Commission to return to the table and not allow new service to be stalled.


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