Back to School Organizational Tips from the Pros

It's the most anticipated time of the year for many families...BACK TO SCHOOL! While the school year structure is something that Moms welcome, anxiety, confusion and frustration can often accompany the launching for kids. So here are some tips for building a successful routine that works and helps remove some of the back to school jitters!

An important goal is to avoid the morning rush. With a little bit of planning, your mornings can be stress-free. Plan Ahead! Lay out the weekly clothing on Sunday night. Assign a closet shelf devoted to the coming week, or you can just hang the outfits in order. For your older children, sort the clothing by like items (long sleeved, short sleeved, etc) and then arrange by color. The kids can quickly match from top to bottom.

By setting the breakfast table at night after your kids clear the table from dinner, you have one less step to deal with in the morning. Preparing lunches in advance is another useful tool. Use clear shoe boxes and create spaces in the fridge and pantry for all kids lunch box items and supplies. By putting cereal in clear bins, you will know when you are running low, instead of discovering that you are out of your family's favorite cereal during the morning rush.

Another very helpful hint is to create a "launch pad." A launch pad is a clearly labeled, designated space for each family member. It can be baskets, boxes, or stacking trays situated in the kitchen, mudroom, or by the door. At the launching pad, your children will find their lunch money, permission slips, library books and other "out-the-door" essentials.

Time to back to school shop! August is second biggest sales month. Create "keep" and "donate" piles. Try on hand-me-downs . My daughter enjoys playing music and putting on fashion shows. And don't forget to establish a homework station. Each child needs a pre-determined homework station with well-stocked school supplies.

Lastly, establish your family calendar. Find a centralized site. A paper or white erase board calendar with large squares works well. Color-coding entries by family member is also fun and helpful. Enter into your smart phone or tablet important school dates, lunch menus, activities, scout meetings, sports schedules and music lessons.

This may seem like a lot, but these hints are simpler to implement than you might expect, and you are going to love the feeling of sending your kids off to school without the stress and rush of last minute dramas

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