Hastings Message from the Mayor: Warburton Bridge, Memorial Day and Plastic Bags

Last night, the Hastings Mayor, Mr. Peter Swiderski, shared with residents some very important information regarding out tiny town.  Please see his message below.


Fellow Residents,

One of the best times of the year - so much in bloom, reasonable temperatures, the anticipation of summer, and the Memorial Day holiday upon us, This note covers Warburton Bridge, Memorial Day, the plastic bags ban, and a few reminders.

Warburton Bridge Rehab Info


The bridge renovation work is well under way, and the dislocation handled as best as we can. We've set up a special page on the Village web site (here) for background information and updates on the bridge. If you want to be emailed updates whenever an update is posted on the site, please go here and sign up for the "Warburton Avenue Bridge Rehab Project" mailing list. Whenever there is an update, a question answered, or anything else posted on the Bridge renovation, you'll be the first to hear. Copies will be immediately posted on the information page as well (on the left side), but it may just be easier to get them in your inbox then to have to visit the site to see if something is new. Work, by the way, is progressing well and traffic flowing generally smoothly. No surprises. So far. Knock wood.

Memorial Day


A reminder that our Memorial Day parade is this coming Sunday, at 2PM. We boast a contingent of twenty sailors from the USS McFaul, a Navy destroyer in harbor for the weekend, and the presence of Rear Admiral Dixon Smith as well, in addition to the fire engines, marching bands, convertibles with veterans and everything else that comes with this special moment. The parade proceeds down Main then turns right on Warburton. It starts on time and takes a few minutes to get to town. This is quintessential America small town at its best, and it also should not be forgotten who it honors. We are here, in our comfortable homes and protected freedoms, but for the sacrifices that men and women have made before us. The monuments before the VFW hall are mute testimony to those who served and sacrificed from our village, and the brief and dignified ceremony that follows the parade is the very least we do to honor those who have spilt blood and lost lives on our behalf. It should not be missed.

Plastic Bag Ban


The Board had its discussion last night on the proposal to ban plastic bags and styrofoam in the Village. The objective is not to swap paper for plastic but rather reusable bags for plastic and to ban styrofoam as a food service and packing material in the Village. We discussed plans to fund a Hastings-branded reusable bag available to all resident, and to encourage even more efforts to reuse, recycle and renew. These are but small efforts in the face of ecological challenges so great that they will demand, over time, far, far more from us as individuals and as a community and planet. But we start with these small steps, the small sacrifices and changes as we craft a community representing the values we hold and in the direction we know we are headed. We have scheduled a vote on the law at the next meeting. The text of the law is here.

As we settle into the summer, a number of reminders. You spend time outside, you're going to have to spend some time checking for ticks that same day. The ones to care (most) about are the size of a large pinhead. These days, Lyme disease is only one of several carried by these charmers. I wouldn't put the cat out at night (or in general - they're hugely destructive of bird populations) unless you want to risk seeing how they fare against the resident coyotes we now have. If you encounter a coyote, and it does happen, that is the time to get noisy and aggressive and not to turn tail and run. They're generally cowardly in regards to us humans and we prefer to keep it that way. Similarly, don't feed the dog outside. What dogs like to eat, no surprise, so do coyotes.

There are a number of sidewalks in disrepair. If it's in front of your house, its yours to maintain (and suffer the potential liability if you don't). Sidewalks are table stakes if you are a suburban resident in a dense community like ours and they serve an important function. Keep vegetation from encroaching, too, please. Kids shouldn't be forced into the street because ten minutes with a hedge clipper didn't beat back the green.

The pool opens this weekend - Saturday is free (as a teaser if you haven't signed up yet) and the grounds are beautiful. Come to the pool (even if it may be a tad brisk), stay for the parade, and enjoy the long weekend.


Peter Swiderski



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