Obama's Leading Speech

"America Must Always Lead"

That was the message that resonated in President Obama's
speech yesterday
morning. President Obama addressed the graduates of
West Point, here in New York.

Obama reflected on America's foreign policy and how America
should continue to lead and respond as the world continues to change.

Obama's four elements of leadership were:

·Using military force when our core interests are at stake or our people are

·Shifting our counter-terrorism strategy by more effectively partnering with countries
where terrorist networks seek a foothold

·Continuing to strengthen and enforce international order through evolving our
institutions, such as NATO and the United Nations

·Supporting democracy and human rights around the globe, not only as a matter of idealism,
but one of national security

Do you think America should always take lead? What did
you think about Obama's speech?

Click here to watch the 45 minute speech




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