'Edge of the Seat' Coming to RAC

Edge of the Seat, an exhibit curated by Jim Langley, will open at The Rye Arts Center on April 5, 2014. The exhibition will feature contemporary artists who have discovered the chair as medium and inspiration, providing a new look at both the chair and ourselves, in sculptural and two-dimensional works. Exhibiting artists include Larry Kagan, Romy Scheroder, Bruce Dow and Lucienne Buckner. At just 17 years old, Max Hampton-Fischer, will be presenting for the first time, with an original piece made of recyclable cardboard. Also featured will be Scott Braun's ebony, mahogany and silk sculptural bench entitled, "Without Keys". "Uneasy Chair," a miniature bronze by Buckner, is aptly named for its all-seeing eyes embedded in an armchair, a place where one usually seeks comfort. Additional works will be represented in paintings and on paper as well as in wood, bronze, and steel.

Langley, an artist and former architect, makes his curatorial debut with Edge of the Seat. When explaining the genesis for the show, Langley states, "Everything familiar becomes mysterious, and what we thought we knew requires unlearning, and new understanding. Approaching art made from the familiar -- it doesn't get more familiar than the chairs we've grown up with -- presents the same dilemma: discovering the mystery within the every-day. The artists in this show have seized the familiar in the service of mystery, allegory, cultural depiction, or social provocation. And it may be that in using one of the most easily dismissed objects in our field of view, they have shown us something about ourselves, namely that it is possible to see past our quotidian world into a world of wonder and new experience."

Edge of the Seat runs from April 5-May 17th. The opening reception takes place April 5th from 3-5 pm and is free and open to the public. The Rye Arts Center is located at 51 Milton Road, Rye. For more information, call 914-967-0700, or visit ryeartscenter.org.



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