Sun Kissed Skin Without the Risks...Get the Glow!


As I’ve mentioned before, one of the perks of being the Editor for the Rye Brook HamletHub is getting to try out our fabulous local shops and salons. This past Friday I had the pleasure of trying out Glow, in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center. Truthfully, I had heard of Glow, an airbrush tanning salon, but was nervous. In my head, I’m picturing Ross from Friends getting spray tanned! Anyone else remember that episode? He gets it in his mouth, eyes, and comes out orange. When I told my husband what I was doing, even he said, “great, you’ll be orange!” Admittedly, that was my fear a little bit. But I was so wrong! It’s an old misconception that I quickly realized when I checked out how great my skin looked after I showered a few hours post-spray tan.

Let’s back up to the actual experience. When booking my appointment, I spoke with Jen, the owner, and she went over the prep…no moisturizing right before and a couple of other suggestions of what to wear after. I entered Glow’s beautiful location, on the 2nd floor of the back section of the shopping center, and immediately felt the spa-like, zen vibe. The salon is gorgeously decorated with a lovely waiting area. Jen greeted me and went over all the details including what to wear, or not wear, during the treatment. I was admittedly stressing ahead of time as to what I would wear but ultimately decided on their little disposable underwear and nothing on top. I asked Jen what most people said and she said whatever they are comfortable in. Kind of like getting a massage I guess. Some go naked and some wear undies. As I got ready Jen left the room and then knocked a few minutes later and we began. Being mostly naked I was a little self-conscious but that quickly went out the window when she began. It’s all very professional and you really don’t even think about it. Jen put special cream on my palms, nails, toes and edges of feet. She then had me stand facing different angles and sprayed my entire body from head to toe in about 5-10 minutes. The smell was pleasant and she explained what she was doing as she sprayed.

After we were done, she dried my skin and I dressed. We then sat and spoke for a little about some of the perks Glow offers. First off, it’s a safe way to get that healthy glow that we all love from the sun but are afraid to get for risk of skin cancer and wrinkles. The product Jen uses at Glow is imported from Australia and is organic. She spent a great deal of time finding the perfect product to use and it comes in many shades she can customize to be just right for each client. Glow’s spray tan is also a great way to cover the cellulite and less than desirable veins some of us have on our legs. So whether you have an event you want to look your best for, or if you’re going on vacation, or if you just don’t want to have that pale, pasty winter looking skin, Glow is an amazing option for us.

I asked Jen why she chose Rye Brook and she said that she felt this was an under-served community. And she’s right. There’s nothing else like this around here. Glow also sets itself apart from the others in that you can shower 1-4 hours after application, unlike other salons that make you wait 12-15 hours, so you could even do it the day of an event. The results usually last about 5- 10 days and wear off evenly. The product is very hydrating too which helps create the glow.

Glow also sells Frankie’s bikini’s and MD Solar Science Sun products that Jen said her clients LOVE! There are packages available, or you can try it just once. They also offer a mobile option where they will come to your house or hotel! How great is that! And here’s the best news of all, you lucky readers can get 25% off just by mentioning HamletHub. You’ll be thankful you tried Glow and your skin will look and feel fabulous! For appointments call 914-305-1999, or book online!


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