Hot New 'Fusion' Workouts Start This Monday!

As you may know by now, I'm a bit of a workout junkie. The more challenging the workout, the better. Mixing it up helps prevent repetition injuries (and keeps things interesting!). I was therefore thrilled to learn that a new studio is opening just down the road in Harrison this Monday, April 18! 

Total Fusion, located at 347 Halstead Avenue in Harrison (in the shopping center where A&P used to be), brings a fresh take on working out. Their classes, created under the guidance of cardiologist, Dr. Dima Teitelman and anesthesiologist Dr. Allen Coopersmith, include cycle, yoga, Barre, dance, and more. One thing that makes Total Fusion unique is that they offer "combinations" of these classes, which incorporate about 30 minutes of one class, with 30 minutes of another. Total Fusion President, Alex Bayer, explained how the benefits of an intense workout can often peak after 30 minutes, and switching to a different activity for the next 20-30 minutes (from spin to weight training, for example) can maximize results. 

I was lucky enough to sample one of these "combination" classes at a pre-opening special workout this week. It was called "Total Fusion Body," and it was ahhh-mazing! I parked my car right outside of the unassuming storefront location (there's tons of free parking) and walked into the chic, modern studio. After checking in, I put my stuff into a locker, grabbed a bottle of water and a towel (all complimentary), and walked downstairs into the gleaming spin studio. Upon entering the studio, a team member checked me into my bike and handed me a wristband to monitor my heartbeat. Once each rider had been properly equipped, four large flat screens lit up the front of the studio with our names, bike numbers, RPMs, calories burned, and other stats (riders have the option to opt out of being displayed on the "leader board"). And the ride began. For 30 intense minutes, the instructor led us through hills, sprints and jumps with great music, as we watched our virtual selves pedal through a virtual world on the flat screens (very cool). The flat screens also displayed each rider's cadence and other stats, linking all of us into a "group ride" feel. At the end of 30 minutes, we were all dripping with sweat. And then we went upstairs for more...

When we walked into the bright group exercise studio, clean mats were waiting for us, unrolled on the floor. We picked up some weights and began a fast-paced session of weight training. By the end of the double-class, I was both exhausted and energized. The. Perfect. Workout. 

Total Fusion offers several of these combination classes, as well as traditional classes. I can't wait to try them all! Check out their schedule here. The best part?! Your first THREE classes are FREE!!!

Total Fusion is also amazing in that they offer discounted rates to our local teachers, police officers, fire fighters and EMT. Additionally, they are partnering with a charitable organization each month to host a TotalFusion Cares event. Everyone is invited to join in on the fitness fun, and all net proceeds go to the charity.  

To learn more about all the good things happening at Total Fusion, check out http://totalfusionstudios.com. When you take your first class, be sure to say you heard about it on Rye HamletHub! 





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