THIS WEEKEND! Clay Art Center To Present 'REVISIT: The Boneyard'


Featuring works by 40 internationally acclaimed ceramic artists who have taught workshops at Clay Art Center over the last 60 years.

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 1st

6 – 8PM

Ongoing through May 29th

For the second core exhibit of the year Clay Art Center presents REVISIT: The Boneyard, which will feature 40 artists who have given workshops during the 60 year history of CAC in Port Chester. After each workshop, visiting artists leave behind their demonstration pieces so future students can reference the work.  The pieces, left in a bisqueware (fired but not glazed) state, are stored throughout the studio in what is lovingly nicknamed the “boneyard,” which has become a visual reference of workshops past. REVISIT takes select boneyard pieces and pairs them with contemporary work made by each respective artist. Clay Art Center has a rich history of internationally acclaimed artists who come and host workshops; the 40 artists featured are just a survey of what has happened within Clay Art Center’s walls since 1957.

Image Above:  Jennifer McCurdy, Butterfly Tsunami Vessel

Our guest of honor at our opening reception is Ron Meyers, an artist who has an extensive history of engagement within the ceramics community. He has presented numerous workshops and demonstrations in the United States and abroad and will be giving a demonstration on April 1st before the reception of REVISIT. Working with red earthenware, Ron's functional pots are made in a casual and spontaneous manner; his narrative, colored slip paintings of animals entertain the surface in a signature whimsical style.

Image: Ron Meyers

“This exhibition shows a great visual didactic of what happens in the clay process, not only chemically when you put something in the kiln, but how an artist grows and changes over time. Some REVISIT artists have fine tuned their skills from when they demonstrated here and others have changed directions radically.” Adam Chau, Program Manager

Participating Artists include:

Hayne Bayless, Susan Beiner, Margaret Bohls, Sam Chung, Mary Cloonan, Tom Coleman, Bruce Dehnert, Michelle Erickson, Julia Galloway, Silvie Granatelli, Susan Halls, Bryan Hopkins, Ayumi Horie, Matt Hyleck, Nick Joerling, Kristen Kieffer, Leah Leitson, Suze Lindsay, Jennifer McCurdy, Lorna Meaden, Ron Meyers, Brooke Noble, Jeff Oestreich, Lisa Orr, Doug Peltzman, Pete Pinnell, Joe Pintz, Jane Shellenbarger, Deb Schwartzkopf, Gay Smith, Lana Wilson, Janice Wunderlich, Kensuke Yamada, Arnie Zimmerman

In 2017 Clay Art Center will host its 60th anniversary with a series of exhibits, classes and events. The year-long focus entitled RE/CLAY, will celebrate clay in our past, present and future while also chronicling the development of the center from the first blue prints to cutting-edge technologies. The five core exhibitions will run from January 28 – November 11, 2017, along with community exhibits, a walking tour in New York City, workshops, lectures, and a culminating symposium; all of which touch on why it’s time to re-look at clay.

Clay Art Center was founded in 1957 by Katherine Choy and Henry Okamoto. Unknown to them at the time, Clay Art Center would grow into an 11,000 square foot non-profit art center that delivers programming for professional artists, students, collectors, and the Port Chester community at large.

In a world that is counting every millisecond, can clay be the vehicle in slowing us down and evaluating our modes of living? RE/CLAY takes the theme of “time” and positions Clay Art Center as an integral institution in the growth of the ceramic field throughout the decades. What is the balance of looking back and looking forward? How can we measure artistic growth over time? How has clay impacted our community and our lives from decade to decade? Our programming will ask these questions and touch on some of the most pertinent topics in the 21st century.

Clay’s natural properties and process is apt for the theme of time. From a wet and amorphous material to hard and impermeable, clay can create immortal objects that can be viewed by an audience hundreds of years from now. Ceramics has been an integral player in learning about cultures around the world, without it we would not know the lifestyles and culture of record-less societies. At the same time, clay is still used within industrial practices with digital technologies at the forefront. The RE/CLAY exhibits, lectures, and events are meant to be a chronology of seeing how our culture appreciates and understands the timely and timeless.

Clay Art Center is a nationally recognized non-profit center for the advancement and practice of ceramic arts offering exhibitions, clay classes for adults and children, studio spaces for clay artists and outreach programs in the community.  It is located in the heart of Port Chester at 40 Beech Street, Port Chester, NY 10573. Gallery and SHOP hours are Monday - Saturday, 10am-5pm or by appointment. 


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