Disbrow Park Master Plan Update

A message from the City of Rye:

The City has received a number of inquiries recently on the status of the Disbrow Park Master Plan process. I am writing to provide you with an update on the process. I gave an oral update at the October 18th City Council Meeting so please feel free to watch the video of the meeting on the City website as well.

The Recreation Commission is still working with our hired planning consultant, Stantec, on several issues that have been raised during and after the public hearings so that they can finalize their recommendations before presenting them to the Council. That presentation will probably occur in December or January.

The Recreation Commission has preliminarily indicated that they are not in favor of the wholesale relocation of our DPW facilities to a different location in Rye and are likely to recommend one of the proposals that improves our playing fields and DPW facilities while keeping them at Disbrow Park.

The Recreation Commission’s presentation to the City Council will be the next step in the process. If there is a consensus to do so, the Council would likely then consult with our City staff (e.g., the City Planner, City Engineer and City Manager) to develop a more detailed plan that could then be added to the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) along with the many other projects we are considering.

The public will have an opportunity to be heard on the Disbrow Park Master Plan when the Recreation Commission makes its presentation and recommendation to the Council. Also, as we have done for the rock-chipping legislation, the senior housing projects and Crown Castle, the City Council would also likely hold numerous public hearings before any decision is made on what, if anything, we do at Disbrow Park.


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