City to Accept Prepayment of Taxes

Marcus Serrano, City Manager of the City of Rye announced today that the City has been receiving a number of requests for prepayment of City taxes. Mr. Serranostated even though the City is not obligated to collect the prepayment of City taxes,the City is always trying to serve its taxpayers and he is pleased to be able toaccommodate these requests from the residents. Mr. Serrano has been working withthe Finance Department, IT Department and the software vendors to implement thenecessary changes to allow for the prepayment of taxes. Mr. Serrano stated that therequests are based on the proposed tax law changes. Mr. Serrano wanted to make itvery clear that even though the City taxes may be prepaid, the question ofdeductibility is a question that must be answered by a tax preparer. Therefore Mr.Serrano stated that “the City of Rye makes no claim, nor bears any responsibility for the deductibility of the pre-payment of property taxes. You should consult your taxprofessional for further information”. Mr. Serrano also stated that the City can only collect the prepayment of City taxes and not School or County taxes.

Mr. Serrano stated that this process is dependent on the City Council adopting the budget beforeDecember 31st. If the City Council adopts the budget on December 20th the City’s website will beupdated to allow for the prepayment of taxes starting on December 22nd. Individuals should go to theCity website if they wish to prepay. The City’s website will have a link that will take you to a site that willprovide you with instructions on how to prepay and the amount of the City tax. The City’s website ishttp://www.ryeny.gov/.


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