Book Signing Event: On November 10, 2018 from 12 – 3 PM


Fortune Cookie Surprise! is the story of a young girl, Emily, and her realization that just as a fortune cookie completes a meal, she completes her family. Prata hopes to bring this message to all children: that no matter what their challenge, background, or family structure, they are special   the holders of a unique message or gift.

The picture book (ages 4-8), warmly illustrated by Prata herself, originated from a school assignment and evolved into an exploration of the entire book publishing process.  “I have always enjoyed sharing fortune cookies at the end of a meal with my family and friends, and one day I realized why—they are funny, but each has a hidden message or some wisdom inside, just like people!” says Prata.

Fortune Cookie Surprise! by Jacqueline Prata is the story of a young girl named Emily who is on her way to one of her favorite activities: eating Chinese food with her family. The addition of Chinese food at their favorite restaurant makes everyday life extra special, especially when there’s something to celebrate. Emily’s favorite part comes after the meal when the dessert of fortune cookies is served. Emily loves the light-hearted and sometimes profound messages to be found therein. As she and her family laugh together at the messages the cookies deliver, Emily realizes that she is like a fortune cookie—she’s the finishing touch to their family as the fortune cookies are to their special meal. She also sees how children everywhere are like fortune cookies—each one unique and having a special message of their own for the world.



Fortune Cookie Surprise! is a delightful story written by fifteen-year-old author and illustrator Jacqueline Prata. The message of the story is right on and the comparison between Emily and a fortune cookie—as well as the comparison of the cookies to other children—is clear and understandable and certainly has the potential to touch the hearts and minds of other young readers and remind them that they are unique and possess extraordinary gifts worth sharing. The importance of the story is greatly enhanced and, in fact, celebrated through the attractive, absorbing, and adorable illustrations done by Ms. Prata. The story comes to life through her vivid illustrations, which perfectly match the story’s upbeat and delightful tone. Kudos to Ms. Prata for writing and illustrating such a wonderful story. Her talent is obvious and is certainly a gift to young readers!


Corner of South Ridge Street and Bowman Avenue  – Rain or shine.
She will be located in front of the former Hamptonite space (near Balducci’s)
Don’t miss out on your chance to meet this wonderful young author!



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