Ryebrook's HamletHub https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook Tue, 21 Mar 2023 22:19:28 -0400 HamletHub.com Playland in Rye to Host Local Job Fair on Saturday, March 25, 2023 https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5544-playland-in-rye-to-host-local-job-fair-on-saturday-march-25-20235544-playland-in-rye-to-host-local-job-fair-on-saturday-march-25-2023 https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5544-playland-in-rye-to-host-local-job-fair-on-saturday-march-25-20235544-playland-in-rye-to-host-local-job-fair-on-saturday-march-25-2023

Gearing Up for the 2023 Summer Season, Playland in Rye to Host Local Job Fair on Saturday, March 25, 2023  

Playland will host a job fair at the Cambria Hotel in Downtown White Plains, located at 250 Main Street, on Saturday, March 25, 2023 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm for their upcoming summer season. Open May 20 to September 10, 2023, the iconic amusement park is the largest summer youth employer in Westchester County with nearly 700 seasonal job openings, ranging from ride operators, lifeguards, beach and pool hosts, admission hosts, retail managers, guest services, IT Support, Group Sales assistants, and much more. All applicants must be at least 16 years old to apply. Visit playland.com/employment for more to apply in advance. 

“At Playland, we are dedicated to providing memorable experiences for all our guests, so that begins with our local team members,” said Jeffrey Davis, General Manager of Playland. “We are proud to be Westchester County’s largest summer youth employer and look forward to bringing back the best talent for the season. Our goal is to be the County’s number one choice for summer youth.”

“One of the Business Council’s top priorities this year is helping our employers find the talent they need to grow their businesses and nonprofits.  Playland has aways been a great seasonal economic driver in the county and now with Standard Amusements as the new management company we expect Playland’s value to Westchester to grow to a new level,” said Marsha Gordon, CEO & President of the Business Council of Westchester.

Job benefits include competitive wages; unlimited play at Playland with a FREE season pass and FREE admission for friends and family; ability to earn rewards through the Reward & Recognition Programs; FREE roundtrip bus transportation available throughout Westchester County for team members; the ability to work flexible schedules including day, nights, weekends and holidays; employee discounts in park and with other businesses; and more.

Applicants are encouraged to complete a form in advance of the job fair, which can be found online, and be prepared to be interviewed onsite.

In addition, Playland will provide lifeguard training and FREE certification for qualified swimmers who apply to Playland beach & pool as a lifeguard. Lifeguard rate begins at $18 per hour.

For more information, visit playland.com.

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St. Patrick's Day Parade Brings the Community Together https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5545-st-patrick-s-day-parade-brings-out-the-community5545-st-patrick-s-day-parade-brings-out-the-community https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5545-st-patrick-s-day-parade-brings-out-the-community5545-st-patrick-s-day-parade-brings-out-the-community

The Northern Westchester-Putnam County St. Patrick's Day Parade was held yesterday along Rt 6 in Mahopac.

The community came out on a beautiful day and enjoyed the weather while being treated to some of the area's best Pipe and Drum bands and community and civic groups proudly marched the route. For a gallery of the days events visit Brewster HamletHub's Facebook Page.

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Employed, Engaged, & Excited for the Next Journey - Aaron’s Prospector Story https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/neighbors/5543-employed-engaged-excited-for-the-next-journey-aaron-s-prospector-story5543-employed-engaged-excited-for-the-next-journey-aaron-s-prospector-story https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/neighbors/5543-employed-engaged-excited-for-the-next-journey-aaron-s-prospector-story5543-employed-engaged-excited-for-the-next-journey-aaron-s-prospector-story

Meaningful work is a vehicle through which we can grow, dream, and transform our lives. For many, the road to employment is filled with roadblocks and detours, revving up feelings of frustration, isolation, and insecurity. However, with the right support, and a drive to succeed, a job can help us reach our dream destination. That’s exactly what former Prospect Aaron Miller is doing with his life.

Aaron’s journey at the Prospector began over eight years ago. As a high schooler, Aaron worked nights and weekends as an usher, concessionist, and member of the Prospector’s Clean Team. The team at the Prospector soon discovered Aaron’s sparkle - or talents and passions. It was ultimately Aaron’s introduction to the Facilities team that sparked a passion for hands-on, hard work. Through performing regular maintenance and repairs around the Theater and grounds, Aaron began to shine - keeping the property in tip-top shape. From touch-up painting to landscaping, cabinet-making to concessions repairs, Aaron established a reputation as a handyman-extraordinaire. 

His technical and mechanical skills led him to Gemstone Farm - a working farm in Connecticut that partners with the Prospector to create competitive and inclusive employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Gemstone’s operation spans over 160 acres and features a garden, orchard, beehives, lakes, ponds, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, and much more. With plenty of farm machinery and vehicles needing maintenance and upkeep, Aaron became a vital part of the Gemstone program.

The road before Aaron became clear. He put the pedal to the metal and began automotive school. Prospector’s Facilities Manager, Steven St. Germain saw the wheels turning for Aaron, and helped him kick it into high gear. “We had talked about his internship in order to get his auto mechanics license,” recalls St. Germain. “I encouraged him to pursue this to start his career and dream of working on cars. We had conversations about the future; how to save money, the importance of following your dreams while you're young, and well, leading that good life.”

A few months later, Aaron had big news to share with Steve. “One day he came in and told me he had gotten his internship and was planning a move to Florida,” says St. Germain. But there was more. Aaron proposed to his longtime girlfriend and they were moving to Florida to build a life together and pursue Aaron’s dream of becoming an automotive mechanic. 

“We’re so proud of him and how much he’s grown,” says Jane Swiatek, head of the Prospector’s Clean Team. “I am so proud and honored to have worked alongside Aaron.” The team at the Prospector will certainly miss seeing Aaron around the Theater, fixing and tinkering, working and smiling. They’re sad to see him go, but excited for the new opportunities and life he will build. 

“Between the time he told me about his plans and his leaving, we had conversations about the future,” remembers St. Germain. “How to save money, the importance of following your dreams while you're young, and well, leading that good life. The life we all want for ourselves, for others, wish for others.”

Aaron is in the driver’s seat, on the road to the good life. Enjoy the ride, Aaron!  

Learn more about The Prospector www.prospectortheater.org


A Prospect Life - Aaron Miller

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Celebrate the New Year with a First Day Hike https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/life/5542-celebrate-the-new-year-with-a-first-day-hike5542-celebrate-the-new-year-with-a-first-day-hike https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/life/5542-celebrate-the-new-year-with-a-first-day-hike5542-celebrate-the-new-year-with-a-first-day-hike

Looking forward to a fresh start in 2023? Why not plan for something fun on New Year's Day?

Celebrate the new year in the outdoors with a First Day Hike at one of the many events across the state and nation 

DEC, State Parks, and the Canal Corporation invite New Yorkers to kick off 2023 by participating in one of the many hikes being held at state parks, historic sites, wildlife areas, trails, and public lands across the Empire State.

The 12th annual event includes options for hikes that are staff - or volunteer-led hikes, with some locations offering multiple options allowing people the time and space to enjoy natures' winter wonders.

Most walks and hikes are family-friendly, and typically range from one to five miles depending on the location and conditions.

See photos from this 2021's event on DEC's Flickr album and check out photos from previous hikes on Flickr.

Many New Yorkers thrive in winter and are eager for falling temperatures and consistent snowfalls. To these hardy adventurers, a few extra layers of gear combined with the snowy terrain of parklands is winning recipe for fitness, togetherness and outdoor fun. If you've never been on a First Day Hike, save the date and get out there!

See State Parks website for a listing of hikes at State Parks locations .in your area

kerry@ducey.org (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) Life Tue, 27 Dec 2022 10:26:09 -0500
Join Rabbi Ben Goldberg and Cantor Alexis K. Sklar for Public Menorah Lighting Tomorrow at Gateway Port Chester https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5541-join-rabbi-ben-goldberg-and-cantor-alexis-k-sklar-for-public-menorah-lighting-tomorrow-at-gateway-port-chester5541-join-rabbi-ben-goldberg-and-cantor-alexis-k-sklar-for-public-menorah-lighting-tomorrow-at-gateway-port-chester https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5541-join-rabbi-ben-goldberg-and-cantor-alexis-k-sklar-for-public-menorah-lighting-tomorrow-at-gateway-port-chester5541-join-rabbi-ben-goldberg-and-cantor-alexis-k-sklar-for-public-menorah-lighting-tomorrow-at-gateway-port-chester

Join Rabbi Ben Goldberg and Cantor Alexis K. Sklar for a joyful public menorah lighting on Wednesday night at Gateway Port Chester (a.k.a. the Kohl's Shopping Center).

Learn more @CongregationKTI

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Experience “Avatar: The Way of Water” at the Prospector https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5540-experience-avatar-the-way-of-water-at-the-prospector5540-experience-avatar-the-way-of-water-at-the-prospector https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5540-experience-avatar-the-way-of-water-at-the-prospector5540-experience-avatar-the-way-of-water-at-the-prospector

James Cameron’s long-awaited Avatar sequel hits big screens this week, and the Prospector Theater is celebrating by transforming their lobby into Pandora.

After a 13-year wait, Avatar fans are excited for the arrival of Avatar: The Way of Water this holiday season. The sci-fi franchise has been highly regarded for its breathtaking cinematography and visuals, demanding audiences to experience the film in theaters. And before you purchase your tickets, be sure to check the showtimes at the Prospector Theater - whose Avatar experience extends beyond the silver screen. 

Showtimes: 3:00, 3:30, 7:00, and 7:30

Purchase tickets

Prospects have been busy bringing the world of Pandora to the Prospector through their signature engagement guides - thematic experiences, installations, and activities surrounding a film’s release. Prospect balloon artists have spent the last week designing and installing a balloon replica of Avatar’s Tree of Souls in the lobby of the Theater. Guests can enjoy a taste of The Way of Water with a Pandora Punch in the Prospector’s Heads Up Café. And some Prospect Avatar-fans will even be wearing costumes for the opening. 

Engagement guides, like the one being created for Avatar: The Way of Water, are how the Prospector has created a loyal moviegoing following while insulating themselves against the rise of streaming. “We’re movie people, so we know that the greatest part of the in-theater experience is feeling immersed in the story from the start,” says Theater Manager, Ren Burkardt. “When you join us for a movie at the Prospector, we extend the magic of the movies into our lobby, creating immersive experiences that everyone can enjoy. With streaming platforms continuing to be a part of studio release strategies, we are giving our audiences even more reasons to see a movie with us, while creating dozens of jobs for Prospects!” The Prospector has developed a revolutionary model of social enterprise that uses moviegoing as a vehicle to entertain, educate, engage, and employ. The purchase of tickets, concessions, and events at the Prospector all help to support their non-profit mission of creating competitive and integrated employment for people with disabilities.

This holiday’s biggest blockbuster needs to be enjoyed on the silver screen, and the Prospector has the hottest ticket in town. To check for showtimes and order tickets, visit www.prospectortheater.org


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Westchester Children's Museum Appoints New Executive Director https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/neighbors/5538-westchester-children-s-museum-appoints-new-executive-director5538-westchester-children-s-museum-appoints-new-executive-director https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/neighbors/5538-westchester-children-s-museum-appoints-new-executive-director5538-westchester-children-s-museum-appoints-new-executive-director

The Westchester Children’s Museum announced today that the Board of Trustees has unanimously voted to appoint Thomas Sullivan as its new Executive Director.

The appointment follows an extensive national search conducted by the Board of Trustees Search Committee and supported by Museum Search & Reference. Mr. Sullivan is an innovative leader and educator with more than 15years’ experience in education. He previously held the position of Director of Education at the DuPage Children’s Museum in Illinois and has extensive classroom teaching experience at the Pre-K, elementary, middle, and graduate/Master’s levels. He assumes his new position starting mid October 2022.

“In considering the ideal qualities for our new leader, the Search Committee, with the support of the board and staff, sought a candidate with an entrepreneurial, innovative and collaborative spirit,” says Carolyn Carr Spencer, Chair of the Westchester Children’s Museum Board of Directors and the WCM Search Committee. “Thomas is a creative and dynamic force. He comes to us as an experienced, visionary educator who will now take this unique opportunity as a next generation executive director and institutional leader to build upon our momentum and drive the Museum towards its fullest potential as a key learning destination for children of all ages and abilities in our region for years to come.”

“I have long been familiar and deeply impressed with the Westchester Children’s Museum as an unparalleled site with a dedicated, creative staff and team of educators with expertise in STEAM learning,” said Mr. Sullivan. “Children’s museums provide a safe and healthy environment for fun, play, and creativity apart from school. The Westchester Children’s Museum is poised to serve as that hub for this region and be a new kind of town square welcoming families, schools, and communities of all kinds to play and learn together. I am thrilled and honored to serve as the next Executive Director and help lead this extraordinary institution into the next era.”

Mr. Sullivan is an enthusiastic rising leader in the museum field who brings experience in exhibit development, STEM teaching, and grant management to WCM. He holds a Masters in Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York City.

As Director of Education and Programs at DuPage Children’s Museum in Naperville, IL, he supervised a team of 58 full- and part-time staff, and oversaw a budget of $2.75 million. His most recent tenure was as Director of STEM Learning at Waterside School in Stamford, CT, where Mr. Sullivan taught science classes for students in grades 1-5 and spearheaded a capital project to expand the existing science program by creating an interactive STEM lab. He also oversaw curriculum and programming that positioned the school to partner with the Westchester Children’s Museum to receive a $50,000 federal IMLS grant award. Mr. Sullivan has also served as adjunct professor and course designer at Erikson Institute in Chicago, IL, where he developed and taught the “Engineering in Early Childhood” course as part of the STEM Certification track for graduate students in Education.

The appointment of Mr. Sullivan as Executive Director coincides with the Museum’s return to a 7- day operating schedule that includes 5 days open to the public and 2 days exclusively for school and community field trips. Mr. Sullivan will work with the Board, staff and community partners to conceive and install new exhibits, introduce new STEAM experiences, expand and enhance the Makerspace, while working to fill the expanded space with innovative experiences that are unique to the Westchester area.

kerry@ducey.org (Westchester Children's Museum) Neighbors Sat, 22 Oct 2022 12:03:04 -0400
The Master Networks Tri-State Region Community Council Hosts a Business Expo in support of local charities on October 27 https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/charities/5539-the-master-networks-tri-state-region-community-council-hosts-a-business-expo-in-support-of-local-charities5539-the-master-networks-tri-state-region-community-council-hosts-a-business-expo-in-support-of-local-charities https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/charities/5539-the-master-networks-tri-state-region-community-council-hosts-a-business-expo-in-support-of-local-charities5539-the-master-networks-tri-state-region-community-council-hosts-a-business-expo-in-support-of-local-charities

Business Expo and Networking event: – Thursday, October 27th, at Mulino’s Restaurant at Lake Isle Country Club, 660 White Plains RD, Eastchester, NY - Multi-state networking organization, Master Networks Tri-State Region, invites entrepreneurs, business people, and the community to attend their Business Expo and networking event.

Proceeds from this event will go to the Community Council fund which provides grants to local charities.  

Join us on the 27th and Network with people from all over the tri-state region while you help make a difference in your community. Visit our vendors in Health & Wellness, Food & Beverage, Fashion, Insurance, Real Estate, and more. Find out more about over 20 local businesses that will be featured and get a jump start on holiday shopping. Take your chances on the Tricky Tray auction and enjoy light fare and a cash bar. There is so much to take advantage of, don’t miss out.
Pre-register online at https://tinyurl.com/Oct27MN. Tickets are $35 in advance and $45 at the door (cash and check only).
We are also collecting new or gently used coats to be distributed to shelter organizations in our area. Please help us care for our community as the winter weather approaches.  
About the Master Networks Tri-State Region Community Council
The work of the Community Council is to serve as a resource for raising awareness, volunteers, and grants for local non-profits that Master Networks members hold dear. Its strength lies in
the breadth and depth of all of the businesses in the regional community.
Tina Campbell, Head of the Master Networks Eastern Territory, launched the Community Council to enhance the organization’s mission of “building a group of entrepreneurs and business leaders who are learning-based and community-minded.” Her vision was to bring together member experts and volunteers with a passion for community outreach and create a grassroots effort to connect with those in need.
Master Networks hosts a variety of events throughout the year, each of which has a community support component. This includes helping to raise money for the Grant Fund which is administered by the Rockland Community Foundation.
For more information, visit www.masternetworksnyct.com

Instagram: @networkingny

commandercarey@gmail.com (Master Networks) Charities Fri, 21 Oct 2022 09:46:40 -0400
Celebrating 60 Years of the Armonk Outdoor Art Show https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5537-celebrating-60-years-of-the-armonk-outdoor-art-show5537-celebrating-60-years-of-the-armonk-outdoor-art-show https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5537-celebrating-60-years-of-the-armonk-outdoor-art-show5537-celebrating-60-years-of-the-armonk-outdoor-art-show

The Armonk Outdoor Art Show will celebrate six decades of fine art and fine crafts this fall on Saturday, October 1 through Sunday, October 2.

The Armonk Outdoor Art Show will celebrate six decades of fine art and fine crafts this fall on Saturday, October 1 through Sunday, October 2. It’s an incredible milestone for this nonprofit, annual show, marking sixty years of raising funds for the Friends of the North Castle Public Library, Inc.

As visitors enjoy the exceptional artists, large selection of food and drink, and complimentary children’s activities, they are helping to support the library’s vibrant educational and entertainmentprograms at the same time.

When art show volunteers set up for that first show on the lawn of Armonk’s Methodist Church in 1961, they could not have envisioned the 9,000 visitors that would one day flock to Community Park’s field each year. Sixty years later the Armonk Outdoor Art Show remains almost entirely volunteer-run and offers the perfect community activity to enjoy on a fall day!

Consistently ranked among the top fine art and fine crafts show in the nation, our jury carefully selects approximately 140 artists each year from close to 600 applicants. The show’s chosen exhibitors are innovators in their fields, representing twelve different mediums including: oils/acrylics/watercolors, mixed media, printmaking/drawing/pastels, sculpture, photography/digital art, wearable art, and fine crafts. This extensive variety of mediums, styles, and price points ensures that all visitors can discover a piece that they just can’t live without.

New for this year’s 60th anniversary show is a specially commissioned exhibition entitled “The Art of Storytelling,” featuring work that utilizes a book as the artist’s “canvas.” This exhibition celebrates the connection between our art show and our local North Castle Public Library, highlighting the library’s vital role within our community. Just as art can elicit powerful emotions and transport the viewer to a world of
imagination, so too do the stories that are found in our favorite books. These compelling pieces will be auctioned to benefit the Friends of the North Castle Public Library, Inc.

Key Details:
• Saturday & Sunday, October 1 and 2 from 10:00am to 5:00pm, Rain or Shine
• Community Park, 205 Business Park Drive, Armonk, NY 10504
• ArmonkOutdoorArtShow.org showcases each artist exhibiting this fall
• Tickets go on sale in August and can be purchased through our website
• Follow us @ArmonkOutdoorArtShow for inspiration, announcements, and previews of our artists.

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White Plains Hospital Screenings Under the Stars Continues on Saturday with Spider-man: No Way Home https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5536-white-plains-hospital-screenings-under-the-stars-continues-with-spider-man-no-way-home5536-white-plains-hospital-screenings-under-the-stars-continues-with-spider-man-no-way-home https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5536-white-plains-hospital-screenings-under-the-stars-continues-with-spider-man-no-way-home5536-white-plains-hospital-screenings-under-the-stars-continues-with-spider-man-no-way-home

White Plains Hospital Screenings Under the Stars presented by Westchester County Parks and Sharc Creative continues with the family comedy, Spider-man: No Way Home (2021-PG13) on Saturday, Sept. 17, at Glen Island Park in New Rochelle.

County Executive George Latimer said, “What better way to end a week back in school then with an outdoor movie with your closest friends and family. Join us for a crisp Saturday night under the stars filled with fantasy, action and adventure!”

Parks Commissioner, Kathleen O’Connor said, “Even though summer is coming to an end, we still have fun-filled fall events planned! Take this opportunity to spend another lovely evening in our parks.”

The gates open at 5:30 p.m. and movies begin at sundown. Event is rain or shine. Admission and parking are free. Moviegoers should bring blankets, folding chairs, and a picnic. Refreshments will be available for sale.

The final movie in the series is The Addams Family 2 (2021-PG) on Friday, Oct. 21, at Croton Point Park, Croton-on-Hudson.

The White Plains Hospital Screenings Under the Stars is presented by Westchester County Parks and Sharc Creative Inc with Westchester Parks Foundation, and support from Westchester Talk Radio100.7 WHUD107.1 The PeakPalisades MazdaThe Premier CollectionLook CinemasValley Bank, HamletHub, Robison OilInspiria Outdoor, and Westchester Magazine.   

Movies may be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions.

kerry@ducey.org (Westchester County) Events Mon, 12 Sep 2022 04:43:56 -0400
GMAs Lara Spencer Among Celebrity Judges for Dancing Stars of Greenwich Charity Fundraiser https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/neighbors/5535-dancing-stars-of-greenwich-20225535-dancing-stars-of-greenwich-2022 https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/neighbors/5535-dancing-stars-of-greenwich-20225535-dancing-stars-of-greenwich-2022

Tickets are on sale for the popular Dancing Stars of Greenwich event, hosted by The Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Greenwich, as a charity dance off for the nonprofit Abilis. This is the fourth annual event and will be bigger and better than ever with celebrity judges and a terrific line-up of dancers! So grab your dancing shoes and get ready to see amazing waltzes, rumba’s, tangoes, twirls, some cha, cha, cha, and maybe even some moonwalking, and purchase your tickets to this fun annual event, held Saturday, September 17, 2022, at the Tamarack Country Club in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Tickets sell out quickly every year, so reserve yours today at greenwichdancingstars.com. 

This year’s event features celebrity judges Brendan Fraser, eight-time award winning actor; Lara Spencer, co-anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America; and Billy Blanks, Jr., creator and host of Dance It Out TV on Lifetime Television, choreographer and dancer. Master of Ceremonies is Ali Wentworth, co-creator, star and co-executive producer of the “Head Case” series, former correspondent with the “The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

“The Dancing Stars of Greenwich charity dance-off is one of our favorite events of the year,” said Amy Montimurro, CEO and president of Abilis. “We’ve had such a great partnership with The Fred Astaire Studio of Greenwich for the past several years, along with the dancers and partners. The Dancing Stars of Greenwich event is such a special evening that brings everyone together for a fun dance-filled night! The funds raised support all of Abilis programs and services, which serve more than 800 individuals with disabilities and their families in Fairfield County.”

This fun event features local celebrities and community leaders performing choreographed dance routines, mirroring the hit TV show. Dancing pairs are sponsored by donations to Abilis, with the top fundraising team awarded the “People’s Choice Award.” A panel of celebrity judges and the audience decides who will win the coveted Mirrorball trophy. Guests will enjoy an evening of live entertainment, music, dancing, a champagne reception, hors d’oeuvres and a silent auction. 

Brendan and Afton Fraser, who act as a judge and dancer, have been big supporters of Dancing Stars of Greenwich and Abilis over the years. They are parents to a son with special needs and know personally how crucial programs and supports like Abilis offers are to families with children and adults with disabilities. 

“We are proud to support Dancing Stars of Greenwich and Abilis to help raise funds for Abilis’ programs and services,” said Afton Fraser. “We know how much it means to a family to have an organization like Abilis that can help provide training, educational, social and employment opportunities for those with special needs. It can mean the difference between living an isolated life and one full of friends and with meaning. They are really a great organization, and we are happy to help in any way." 

Dancers at the event include: Brad and Erica Walker, of Greenwich - the first amateur couple to participate; Trevor Crow of Greenwich; Lindsay Darrell of Stamford; Afton Fraser of Greenwich, who has participated in every Dancing Stars of Greenwich event; Melissa Levin of Greenwich; Elaine Madonna of Greenwich, who won the People's Choice Trophy last year; Greg Masone of Greenwich, Makeda Mays-Green of Stamford, Chris McCormack of Greenwich and Carly Samalin of Greenwich, who is the youngest dancer and an incoming Greenwich High School freshman on the Abilis Youth Board.

Each dancer is paired with a professional partner from The Fred Astaire Studio. Those dancers are:  Matthew Ames,  Clemens Lengenfelder, Santa Pavlovic, Christian Perry and Elmar Schmidt.

“Dancing Stars of Greenwich is full of all the fun, glitz and glamour of the hit TV show Dancing with the Stars!” noted Elmar Schmidt, owner and ballroom dance instructor of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Greenwich. “Local stars and leaders in the community have been training to compete just like on television. And, just like on the hit TV show, a panel of celebrity judges along with the audience, selects the winner who will win the coveted Mirrorball trophy.”

To reserve tickets or make a donation by supporting the dancers, please visit greenwichdancingstars.com.


kerry@ducey.org (Abilis) Neighbors Wed, 31 Aug 2022 12:18:13 -0400
Swim Across America Long Island Sound’s 30th Anniversary Events Raise Record-Breaking $1.64 Million to Fight Cancer https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/charities/5534-swim-across-america-long-island-sound-s-30th-anniversary-events-raise-record-breaking-1-64-million-to-fight-cancer5534-swim-across-america-long-island-sound-s-30th-anniversary-events-raise-record-breaking-1-64-million-to-fight-cancer https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/charities/5534-swim-across-america-long-island-sound-s-30th-anniversary-events-raise-record-breaking-1-64-million-to-fight-cancer5534-swim-across-america-long-island-sound-s-30th-anniversary-events-raise-record-breaking-1-64-million-to-fight-cancer

LARCHMONT, N.Y. – August 16, 2022 – Hundreds of swimmers made even greater waves this summer at Swim Across America Long Island Sound chapter’s open-water and seven pool events, raising a record-breaking $1.64 million for local cancer research, prevention and treatment.

Swim Across America Long Island Sound chapter (SAA-LIS) was founded thirty years ago with only 17 swimmers, who raised $15K for the cause. Since 1992, SAA-LIS has grown to be the organization’s largest chapter whose swimmers now have raised over $23 million life-saving dollars.

“Unfortunately, everyone knows someone who has cancer or has lost a loved one to the disease,” says SAA-LIS Executive Director Tony Sibio. “We at SAA-LIS are a family of incredibly dedicated swimmers, kayakers, and volunteers, who participate year after year because we know we play a key role in helping to eradicate cancer forever. I couldn’t be more proud or thankful to our participants who over the years have continued to bring hope to those battling cancer.”

The fundraising activities of SAA-LIS have already had a profound impact. The chapter was instrumental in funding some of the most exciting cancer news this year with the announcement of a clinical trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering which was published in

The New England Journal of Medicine and showed a 100 percent success rate in treating patients in a phase 2 clinical trial for advanced rectal cancer with dostarlimab, an immunotherapy treatment produced by GlaxoSmithKline. The clinical trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering was funded by early-stage grant funding from SAA-LIS.

Proceeds from the swims support the Swim Across America research lab, Dr. Luis Diaz and the MSK Kids Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; pediatric oncology research at Morgan Stanley Columbia University Medical Center; and patient services with Cancer Support Team.

Although the swim season is officially over for 2022, donations are always welcome and can be sent to SAA-Long Island Sound, P.O. Box 217, Larchmont, NY 10538.

“SAA-LIS has come a long way in the past three decades, but we won’t stop swimming and fighting until cancer is gone for good,” adds Mr. Sibio. 

* aerial photography by Bedford Photo-Graphic, Inc.

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White Plains Hospital Screenings Under the Stars continues with Boss Baby 2 - Family Business on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at Kensico Dam Plaza https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5533-white-plains-hospital-screenings-under-the-stars-continues-with-boss-baby-2-family-business-on-wednesday-aug-17-at-kensico-dam-plaza5533-white-plains-hospital-screenings-under-the-stars-continues-with-boss-baby-2-family-business-on-wednesday-aug-17-at-kensico-dam-plaza https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5533-white-plains-hospital-screenings-under-the-stars-continues-with-boss-baby-2-family-business-on-wednesday-aug-17-at-kensico-dam-plaza5533-white-plains-hospital-screenings-under-the-stars-continues-with-boss-baby-2-family-business-on-wednesday-aug-17-at-kensico-dam-plaza

White Plains Hospital Screenings Under the Stars continues with Boss Baby 2 - Family Business on Wednesday, August 17 at Kensico Dam Plaza, Valhalla!

Gates open at 5:30 p.m. and movies begin at sundown. The event is rain or shine. Admission and parking are free. Moviegoers should bring blankets, folding chairs, and a picnic. Refreshments will be available for sale.
The White Plains Hospital Screenings Under the Stars is presented by Westchester County Parks and Sharc Creative Inc with Westchester Parks Foundation, and support from Westchester Talk Radio, 100.7 WHUD, 107.1 The Peak, Palisades Mazda, The Premier Collection, Look Cinemas, Valley Bank, Hamlet Hub, Robison Oil, Inspiria Outdoor, and Westchester Magazine.
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Scarsdale Scout Troop 4 to have girls’ linked troop for the first time in its history https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/neighbors/5532-scarsdale-scout-troop-45532-scarsdale-scout-troop-4 https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/neighbors/5532-scarsdale-scout-troop-45532-scarsdale-scout-troop-4

Scarsdale’s Troop 4 is pleased to announce that this fall, it will have a girls’ linked troop for the first time in its history. 

Nationwide, in 2019, Scouts BSA, formerly known as the Boy Scouts of America, opened membership to girls ages 11 - 17. Scouting develops character, civic mindedness, leadership and physical fitness. Middle and high school-aged Scouts, with guidance from adult leaders, create and lead activities such as hikes, outdoor games, community service, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities.

Any interested girl from Westchester is encouraged to join the troop. Girls in Troop 4 will design and lead their own activities. Additionally, they will participate in some events with the boys in the troop. Troop 4’s regular meetings are on Monday evenings. Troop 4 embodies the values of inclusion, tolerance, and mutual respect for all people.

Troop 4’s Scouts develop character, civic mindedness, and physical fitness. The troop achieves these aims through camping, outdoor activities, and community service, all while having a lot of fun. Middle and high school-aged Scouts, with guidance from adult leaders, create and lead activities such as hikes, outdoor games, community service, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities. 

A diverse set of parent leaders support Scouts in their goal to achieve the highest rank in Scouting, Eagle Scout. Each year, less than 7% of eligible Scouts have attained the rank of Eagle, since its inception in 1911. Due to its rigor, earning the Eagle Scout rank can offer lifelong academic, social, and professional networking benefits. Troop 4 is committed to supporting any youth wanting to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

The first cohort of female Eagle Scouts was recognized in 2020. In 2021, Rebecca Gilder, of White Plains, became the first female Eagle Scout in Westchester County.

Amongst other requirements, to attain the level of Eagle Scout, Scouts must earn a minimum of 21 merit badges. All Eagle Scouts earn badges in 14 required topics touching on issues of citizenship, the outdoors, personal responsibility and leadership. Other merit badges are electives.

There are over 100, such as American Business, Animation, Archery, Art, Bird Study, Chemistry, Chess, Crime Prevention, Disability Awareness, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Fingerprinting, Game Design, Gardening, Journalism, Kayaking, Moviemaking, Music, Sports, and Theater.  Scouts in Troop 4 can also participate in activities to improve their leadership and foreign language skills. 

Together with Scarsdale’s Cub Scout Pack 440, Troop 4 will host two recruiting events on Sept. 18 (outdoor games and sports) and Oct. 23 (pumpkin carving). Any rising sixth through 11th graders interested in joining Scarsdale’s Troop 4 may contact Scoutmaster Ted Mazza.  Please visit Troop 4’s website and Facebook page.  


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Acclaimed Trumpeter Ingrid Jensen Four at Westchester Collaborative Theater https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5531-acclaimed-trumpeter-ingrid-jensen-four-at-westchester-collaborative-theater5531-acclaimed-trumpeter-ingrid-jensen-four-at-westchester-collaborative-theater https://news.hamlethub.com/ryebrook/events/5531-acclaimed-trumpeter-ingrid-jensen-four-at-westchester-collaborative-theater5531-acclaimed-trumpeter-ingrid-jensen-four-at-westchester-collaborative-theater

On August 6th at 7:30pm and 9:00pm, the Ingrid Jensen Four, a quartet of internationally acclaimed jazz virtuosos headed by trumpeter Jensen, will make a rare return local appearance in Westchester Collaborative Theater (WCT)’s Music in the Box Series.

Ossining-based Jensen, hailed by the JJA (Jazz Journalists Association) as 2019’s Trumpeter of the Year, is recognized as one of the most gifted trumpeters of her generation. Her quartet includes Nate Radley on guitar, bassist Richie Goods, and Jon Wikan on drums.

To purchase tickets: https://wct-presents-ingrid-jensen-four.eventbrite.com

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