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Who doesn’t love a massage? It’s one of those small indulgences I feel are totally necessary.  Yes it’s a luxury, but it’s also restorative and often feels like something our bodies are seeking out to help maintain a healthy way of being.  We all walk around carrying tension in our bodies…in our jaws, shoulders, necks and backs and while it can seem like there’s never enough time in the day to squeeze it in or we can’t afford it or shouldn’t splurge, sometimes you just have to make time and treat yourself and your body.  You’re only given one body after all so you need to give it what it needs.  Bon Accord massage in Rye gives you exactly what you need and more! 

Linda Thomas, owner of Bon Accord and a fabulous Rye Brook mom of three treated me to a fabulous massage this past Monday.  Admittedly, I’m a spa snob.  I only like nice, clean, spa-like places and usually stick to what I know, think Ritz and Red Door.  I had known about Linda’s business for a while but never had the “time” to check it out.  After putting our schedules together, we figured it out and thus began my amazing experience.  

Bon Accord is located in Rye, on Locust Avenue, just up the stairs from Judith’s Skin Care.  Parking was easy on the street or in the driveway.  As I entered the building, after a day of rushing from one thing to the next, I immediately felt calmer. The room had a great positive vibe and energy.  I’m not sure if it was the candle scent, or the serenity the waiting room emanated but I was instantly relaxed.  I filled out the questionnaire detailing my medical history and all that fun stuff and then Linda sat down with me to discuss my needs.  She doesn’t do the same type of massage for everyone, but customizes it to what each person’s body needs.   After speaking with me about my concerns Linda felt I should start off the treatment with a myofascial release, a way of letting my muscles and nervous system reset to allow the massage to truly be effective.  The massage room was beautiful and peaceful and simple with a bathroom attached where I could change.  I came back into the room and lay on the heated table.  Ahhh, I could instantly feel myself melting away.  The massage was amazing, the perfect amount of pressure.  Linda did some reflexology on my feet too, heaven!  Knowing from my questionnaire and our conversation that TMJ was something I suffered from, Linda asked if I wanted her to work on my jaw and scalp.  Some people don’t like their faces or heads massaged but I find it so relaxing so I obviously encouraged her to do so.  What I liked is Linda’s awareness that massage isn’t a one size fits all package.  Those who need more, or less or aromatherapy or cupping can get it.  And it’s no extra.  For just $90 you get a full hour on the table, the chatting before and after doesn’t come out of your actual massage time.  Also a huge plus to me, Linda only books 3 massages a day.  She allows one hour before and one after so the client isn’t left waiting or feeling rushed, and Linda can fully immerse herself in each client’s experience without being tired, rushed or having her mind anywhere but on you.   Also tipping is neither required, nor expected, so you don’t waste your time on the table worrying about anything other than being in the moment and enjoying your massage.   

When I asked Linda why she went into this field she said it perfectly, it just felt right.  She came upon reflexology and homeopathy while pregnant.  And as a RITE Method Instructor she realizes the importance of mind body connection and proper posture and alignment.  She feels good helping other feel good and it shows.  She has an amazing energy and vibe which is just contagious!  It’s not about business to Linda, it’s about helping her clients feel their absolute best.  Case in point, Linda will send her clients home with a tidbit of advice or a way to promote the feeling that they can find ways to help themselves…mine, try sleeping on my back to help with my neck and shoulder issues.  Definitely something I’ll try.  Other clients have received a ball to use for trigger point release or a castor oil pack.  In addition, Linda offers the many wonderful benefits of massage to babies, children and teens.  As she says, "Massage, and particularly reflexology, can be incredibly effective in dealing with digestive issues, seasonal allergies, sports injuries and stress-related disorders."

So, if you want an amazing massage definitely give Linda a call or email, 914-960-8808  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and to learn more check out her website!  You'll be glad you did! I definitely was!



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