TotalFusion Opened In Harrison Monday!


When I hear a new studio is opening up I get so excited! I love trying new workouts and new gyms that push my limits.  TotalFusion opened to the public this past Monday, April 18th and they have a fabulous promotion going on right now where you get to try three classes absolutely free.  That’s how confident they are that you will love them and want to come back.  I can attest to that!

A huge perk to TotalFusion greets you before you even enter the studio.  Free parking.  And tons of it!  It is so nice to not have to arrive super early to have to search for a spot.  Plus they are practically opposite the Harrison train station which is convenient for commuters!  TotalFusion is in a gorgeous, sun lit location with a friendly front desk to greet you.  There are full bathrooms with showers for men and women on the main level along with a studio directly behind reception.  I was signed up for the TotalFusion Body class which is half hour spin and half hour strength training.   They gave me a free bottle of water and a wrist heart rate monitor to use to track my progress in the class. 

After sign in I headed downstairs to the spin room.  Though I didn’t count, I think there were probably about 20-30 bikes and big screens in the front of the room.  I saw my name and my bike # listed up on the TV and throughout the workout stats are listed to help riders keep track of where they are and where they want to, or should, be.  It reminded me of FlyWheel a little.  The instructor, Leslie, was awesome.  Very motivating, played great music, and corrected form throughout.  She also advised us when to crank up the resistance or lower it, based on our RPMs.  After 30 minutes we cooled down, changed into our sneakers (for those of us wearing spin shoes-not required) and headed upstairs for the strength portion.

Toni, the super friendly and bubbly manager greeted us in the upstairs studio with nice cold eucalyptus scented towels. SO refreshing!  Next, our instructor led us through some strength training exercises using nothing but our bodies and our mats.  What a workout!!!

Other classes TotalFusion has to offer include TotalFusion Mind (a complete workout with 30 minutes of cycling followed by 30 minutes of yoga), TotalFusion Energy (if you like Hiit or P90X, you will love this!), TotalFusion Rhythm (like Zumba, but better!), TotalFusion Groove (this is your chance to practice your Hip Hop moves!), Cycle, Yoga, Yogalates and Barre.  So there really is something for everyone!

Their mission is simple, “to improve our members’ physical fitness level, mental wellness and overall health.”  And as they also state quite accurately,  “Getting and staying fit requires dedication, time and effort. It also requires the right environment.”  Their classes, created by their founders leading cardiologist, Dr. Dima Teitelman and anesthesiologist and pain management expert Dr. Allen Coopersmith “combine elements of various exercises to create new and better workouts. The benefits of an intense workout that focuses on a singular activity can often peak after 30 minutes and switching to a different activity for the next 20-30 minutes (for example, cycle to weight training) will maximize results.”

So check out TotalFusion in person at 347 Halstead Ave, Harrison (old A&P shopping center) and/or visit their website and sign up for the three free classes, or call 914-315-1360! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!